This morning, I made my first successful WhatsApp Calls on the BlackBerry Passport. I called a handful of contacts, and at first no-one picked the

Here’s what my first WhatsApp Calls on Blackberry 10 were like

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This morning, I made my first successful WhatsApp Calls on the BlackBerry Passport. I called a handful of contacts, and at first no-one picked the calls. But I finally was able to speak with two people. Because WhatsApp Calling (like BBm Calls) is executed over your data connection, quality of the call depends on internet strength/stability. One of the calls that I placed was really good and clear, a second one was fairly good, while a third call was a bit choppy.

This is what the outgoing call view is like (at least on the Passport’s square screen):
Whatsapp Call BB10 dialling
Sadly, Dayo did not pick his call. I am guessing that he was still in bed after eating Resurrection Rice and chicken last night.

I also got one of my contacts to do screenshots and send to me. This is what an incoming call view is like:
WhatsApp Call BB10 incoming prompt

Call in session after an incoming call has been accepted:
WhatsApp Call BB10 received call in session

If you are chatting with someone on WhatsApp, you can find the call button in the top right corner of the chat menu. That’s the call icon circled in orange:
WhatsApp Call BB10 in-chat call button
The photo in the above chat was that of me and the movie legend, Tunde kelani, in the studio on Saturday with Young & Cerebral right after I did my session, “Your Smartphone & You”. Join me from 10.15 to 10.25am every Saturday on UNILAG 103.1 FM.

And here is what a contact’s call records looks like:
WhatsApp Call BB10 call records

So, WhatsApp Calling is live on both Android and BlackBerry 10. iOS and Windows Phone users are still expecting the feature. I haven’t heard anything about this becoming available to legacy BlackBerry users. One of the contacts that I called uses a legacy BlackBerry device and I immediately got a message that said that this contact does not support the feature.

Will you be using WhatsApp Calling a lot? Do you think it offers any benefits above normal network-based voice calls?


  1. I can’t imagine I will be using WhatsApp’s calling feature any time soon. It makes sense if I’m on someone else’s wifi, but then also depends on whether the recipient has enough data to have the conversation.

  2. will b using it a lot… a helluva lot.. jes still needing/looking for a reliable Gsm network

  3. I just tried it out. I called someone and it kept showing “Busy” and beeping till I hung up. Then he called me back. Observations:
    1. There was a noticeable lag during which I kept hearing static on the line. Maybe it was because the other party was in the US, I don’t know.
    2. I kept hearing a double-tone beep a few seconds after I speak. Maybe signalling transmission?
    3. It’s quite easy on data. Spoke for about twenty-something seconds (much of the time was wasted because of the lag). I checked my network usage and it showed “Whatsapp Calls Received 166kB”, “Whatsapp Calls Sent 31kB”. But apparently it was reset back to 0B for both when I rebooted my phone, although the call log still displayed my call.
    It’s nice, but it needs to get better. We’ll cut them some slack, though. They’re just starting.

  4. As to voice clarity, it was good, probably because I had a good internet connection.

  5. Sorry…the first call was 1minute 24 seconds.
    Made another call to a number in PH. Much less lag. 17seconds. Sent 25.5kB. Received 25.4kB.

  6. I’ve used it. here seems to some seconds lag before you hear from the other party. Its cool though

  7. I tried calling myself via WhatsApp using someone else’s phone, but the call didn’t go through. It was only when I opened the app I saw a missed call. Not sure what happened there.

  8. Yeah, that’s what I recently discovered. To receive a call, you don’t just have to have data on, you have to be IN the app. Bad move, WhatsApp.
    Or is it because I switched background data OFF? Nomi, was yours on?

  9. yes o… finally abi?.. it made sense… jes need another person’s phone n WhatsApp to investigate

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