Most people might be unaware of this, but in very practical terms, a Blackberry 10 smart phone is the ideal to own and use especially

Here’s why you should get a Blackberry 10 device

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Most people might be unaware of this, but in very practical terms, a Blackberry 10 smart phone is the ideal to own and use especially in Nigeria. The following reasons might come to play:


Cheap data:

With a Blackberry 10 phone using GLO you can subscribe for the generic BlackBerry plan. Text Comonth to 777 and get 3GB for 1 month. On this plan, you can top-up your subscription and extended your validity period. On the sweet side, you can share this plan via hotspot and feed all your other devices.

Support for Android apps:

With the OS 10.2xx update comes unbridled support for android apps, you can download and install any apk file you wish. With the upcoming Blackberry 10.3 OS update , comes a better more efficient Android 4.3 run-time. This guarantees even a better Android app experience. So for those app crazy ones, you can still get apps to meet your needs from Blackberry World and the other 3rd party Android app stores.

Same Awesome Keyboard:

For those of us still addicted to typing on hardware keyboards, For those of us that have stubbornly refused to embrace full touchscreen, look no further because a Blackberry 10 is your best bet. Either you go for the cheapest Q5 model, go for the mid-range Q10 or you be a little patient and purchase the almighty upcoming Blackberry Passport. This would also be ideal for someone coming from a Blackberry 9900 (Bold5) or other older blackberry models. Currently, Blackberry 10 phones are the best phones in the market with hardware qwerty keys.


  • Blackberry 10 phones still retains its premium hardware design and associated with the Blackberry brand, you still get that sleek uniform design, inside out.
  • Blackberry 10 phones aren’t as expensive anymore. The capable Blackberry Z3 goes for about N38,000 online on Konga. You can also choose to splurge a little extra on the Blackberry Z30 or wait for the soon-to-be launched Blackberry Passport.

With all the above, coupled with its decent camera, solid audio and video playback. What else would make you not choose a Blackberry 10 phone?


  1. Good Points.

    With All The Above, Coupled With Its Decent Camera, Solid Audio And Video Playback. What Else Would Make You Not Choose A Blackberry 10 Phone?

    The Most Compelling Reason.. The Cheap Data Is No Longer Exclusive. You Can Enjoy That Same N1k For 3 Gigabytes On Some Android Devices.

    I Would Also Insist That Running An Android Apps On A Bb Device Would Still Have Some Niggles For Certain Apps. (Can I Run The Exposed Framework On Bb10?… Obviously Not)

    So, No Thanks.

  2. You are very correct. That’s why I have silently stuck to my Q5 ever since I got one. Been moving from BBworld to Google play as I like using imobile,mobogenie,amazon etc to enjoy every application needed smoothly.
    Today I have gotten over 50 applications with my 3g BIS of just #1000. Don’t believe I can get it better on an Android phone.

  3. Exactly wat i’ve been trying to enlighten my frnds about. Why else wld any1 go 4 android phones when u can hv all ur apps and added values on a blackberry device. Tnx 4 dis piece. Maybe after reading dis dey’ll be convinced it’s not all in my head.

  4. Not all BB 10 devices sport decent cameras. The Q5 sucks like you won’t believe it and GLO network is frustrating in my area, it pushes one to swear in foreign tongues.

    I however love bb 10 platform and can’t wait to return to it.

  5. Mr Mo, I’m very happy to come across this article. But my question is, is it still working? Cos my fear is that I may start this and later on glo will block non BB7 subscribers frm using it on bb10. So I want to know if its still working. Anyone with the info should add please.

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