Major brands like Samsung, HTC, Sony and others offer us Android phones at very steep prices, and people still buy notwithstanding. Some other players got

Here’s what you’re missing when you buy cheap Android phones

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Major brands like Samsung, HTC, Sony and others offer us Android phones at very steep prices, and people still buy notwithstanding. Some other players got smarter and started making Androids with relatively good specs, and selling them at ridiculously lesser prices.

SAmsung VS Tecno

We see brands like TECNO, Gionee, Innjoo, Infinix, Xiaomi etc, offering cheaper Android phones with very little difference in specs. This has led some folks to start comparing TECNOs and other cheaper priced phones to Samsung phones. You get to see Samsung VS TECNO comparisons on forums. All these arguments are made, ignorant of the reasons why these so called “premium phones” are highly priced.

Our people say “Khaki no be leather”. There are Androids, and then there are are Androids. Below are a few of the things you’re missing when you decide to go for value-for-money Android phones:

Faster, more efficient Processor performance.

That expensive Android phone you’re buying probably comes with a better Snapdragon or Qualcomm chipset, while the cheaper (value-for-money) Android comes with a MTK processor. The mobile gamers can tell us better. When you play the same heavily graphical HD game on two phones bearing these two different chips, the difference is clear. Operation is smoother with less lags.

Camera quality.

Paying that extra money means you’re buying a better camera phone. I’ve earlier said that the true test of a camera is indoors or in dark places. The more expensive flagships perform way better than those value-for-money cheap phones. Compare the picture quality in dark places (with and without flash), the speed of capture, and the quality of the images. Na there you go know say Khaki no be leather smile emoticon.

Audio production and fidelity

When you shell out cash to buy that expensive HTC or Sony, you’re also buying high quality audio production. This is both with the external speakers, or with headphones/earphones plugged in. You’re definitely getting better all round sound production.

Gorilla Glass

Despite all the hype, Gorilla Glass still holds its own. Yes; it cracks easily after a fall, but then, it is scratch-resistant. Most cheap droids come with plastic screens that might withstand falls but they’re vulnerable to easy scratching with any slight friction resulting from day-to-day use.

Display quality and Sunlight legibility

The more expensive Androids offer you brighter and sharper displays with very rich PPI and vivid colors (that is if such things matter to you). I’ve never seen a cheap droid you can use to read under sunlight unless you crank up the brightness to the highest. These are things you cannot get with value-for-money droids.


This point might sound trivial, but these are the subtle things that play a huge role in what we can do and achieve with our smartphones. We can choose to ignore them, but like it or not, the sensors are there to serve their various purposes. You not using them is to your own detriment. Most budget devices have just the accelerometer and proximity sensor. Meanwhile, a typical Samsung Galaxy S5 has: accelerometer, gyro, proximity, compass, barometer, gesture, and heart rate sensors.

I believe that with these few points of mine, I’ve been able to convince you that “Beta Android soup, na money kill am”.



  1. Be ready to PickUpTheMic when the comments flood in.

    The average user may not use their phones for more than call+sms+WebSurfing+camera

    If it’s not vividly clear in sunlight, you postpone the task but that kills productivity in the long run.

    Every man gotta cut his clothes according to the yards available 🙂

    Which brings us to ” What Do You Really Want In The Phone As End User ”

    If you can’t afford the premium when they freshly landed.
    Chill and be on the lookout for review unit from the trusted MobilityArena shop OR tell that brother/sister that knows another brother/sister abroad to help you buy and send you the certified-preowned-copy.

    DropsMyMic here. 🙂

  2. This compere got his microphone wires tangled.

    In evaluating value for money, you must always compare the value vs the money spent to procure the product.

    There is no hope in hell you can convince anybody that a Galaxy Note IV is worth twice a Tecno r7.

    You can praise all the bells and whistles on your high end device to high heavens, if I don’t need them bells, you are whistling in a donderstrom.

    It would be highly debateable whether a Mercedes Benz G Wagon offers more utilitarian value than a Toyota Highlander.

    If your aim is to impress with costly toys, rather than look at your actual needs, go ahead, join PDP.

    I would stay with the gadgets offering more value, value being what I ACTUALLY need viz-a-viz what I spend.

  3. i was having this argument just yesterday on twitter when an iOS stan said all “Android devices are the same, from the 10k budget devices to the Almighty HTCs and SONYs”. Android provides the best bang for buck, but you get what you pay for. some devices provide better bang for buck than others, but generally a premium flagship device will provide a better experience than a budget/midrange device. basically it depends on your needs and use case scenarios, i’m amused when I see people using Galaxy Notes and all they do is call, text, WhatsApp and do a little web browsing. I’m also amused when people (especially students) buy entry level/budget smartphones and then try to run CPU intensive apps and games. the irony is that the people who can afford the latest and greatest in tech really don’t need it (much like the people who can afford luxury vehicles and yatchs but only drive/sail a few times a year) and the people who really need (read as want) the latest and greatest tech (students and young techies) can’t afford it.

    you should add updates, flagship and other premium devices tend to have longer EOL cycles and usually get updates for longer periods (usually 18-24 months). also flagship/premium devices are more future proof, because they pack better specs and get (more) updates you can use them for longer periods before advancements leave them semi-obsolete eg i’m still using a LG Nexus 4 (from 2012) it’s getting Lollipop and its 2 GB RAM and Qualcomm chipset means it still runs smoothly, budget/midrange devices from 2012 are (semi) obsolete now. also high quality accessories from top third party outfits are usually available for high end devices.

    the premium you pay to get a high end Android is not a rip off, (unless you’re using your smartphone as a dumb phone)

  4. the premium you pay to get a high end Android is not a rip off, (unless you’re using your smartphone as a dumb phone)

    It is, unless you need it, otherwise, you are actually the one ripping your bank account out..for nothing.

    And, really, for someone who doesn’t (have have time to) play complex games on mobile, who doesn’t care a hoot for all the photography/ extra gimmicks like barometers, what’s all the extra cost for?

    And there is no proof that upscale tech products last longer than lower_priced (not bargain_basement_priced) ones, either.

    Within limits, available firmware upgrade is a miniscule plus for the higher priced toys.

    I use the ancient Tecno Phantom A III( a N45K device) and clearly , the functionality (that I need) that is squeeze outta this slab (via software) will take some beating from any premium device!

  5. whether you need it or not is another issue. Nigerians have this problem of confusing value (subjective) and price (objective). you get the device that suits your needs (or pocket). what you’re saying is that a Mercedes AMG S55 or F 0 15(or whatever their latest model is) is a rip off because you wouldn’t be using any of the luxury/innovative features. people have different use case scenarios and value is subjective. as per firmware updates, it depends on your use case. know people still using devices that run Froyo, most people wouldn’t consider it

  6. the taste of the pudding is in d eating: dis my gionee m2 gives me more joy Dan my previous note 1 (was bought wen twas still premium & have been complaining n regretting since day 1). my Cuz has complained of his galaxy s4 ceaselessly, he’s soon off to apple. see what Samsung is doing to d droid fan base :'(

  7. what you’re saying is that a Mercedes AMG S55 or F 0 15(or whatever their latest model is) is a rip off because you wouldn’t be using any of the luxury/innovative features

    No that’s not what am saying.

    Kindly reread my earlier posts again..

  8. The story is same here o. Still rocking every bit of my Gionee M2. Can’t yet imagine selling or giving it away.

  9. The list up there is long O!!! but then of what value is that list if I have to keep looking for where to charge the so called high end android phone every few hours (yes FEW)… Ehis and Elroy understand me clearly seeing as we are all using the mighty M2 🙂

  10. lol @ mighty m2.. but tis truly mighty.. jes picked my sis’s s3 international version with 1gb ram, tis recently flashed with no app installed apart from follow come yet still it has less ram than “mighty m2” fully stocked. n men was it sluggish in my hand when with its hyped high end quad core, little wonder she wants to sell it and get a gionee

  11. All this blah blah, the reasoning is simple: When you buy a high end Android, you are paying for the NAME. 9 times out of 10 the components come from the same manufacturer.

    If your phone is a Gionee, Tecno or Infinix, your market is different to Samsung’s. You know why your pitching and the price range.

    Given a choice between a low end Samsung or “no name” mid/high end, Naira for Naira you will get a far better deal on the latter. That’s all.

    *Drops mic, exits stage*

  12. Instead of all of you to get Windows Phone (whether high or low end) and be fine, you are here fighting price and specs wars. Continue o, we are watching…

  13. windows keh… even if dem dash me, na to quick sell am. everyone I know unfortunate enough to b with d os is almost in tears about such a regrettable move

  14. It is unfortunate that you refer to users of Windows Phone as unfortunate. However, we have discovered that many people who make such claims do not have the facts so we find it not difficult to not take such claims seriously. For the avoidance of doubt, millions of people are happy with their Windows Phones and the number of millions keeps increasing.

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