Hide Read Receipts on WhatsApp

When you receive a message in WhatsApp, you might feel the urge to read it immediately. But sometimes you may not want to reply at the moment. You might not even want the sender to know that you have seen his/her message. Here’s how to read incoming messages and hide read receipts while at it.

hide read receipts oin WhatsApp

When you read an incoming message on WhatsApp, it shows a double tick. You can turn this off in Settings>Account>Privacy. There you can turn off Read Receipts. However, if you don’t want to do that, don’t worry. There is an app called Hide Read for WhatsApp that helps you read your WhatsApp messages without displaying the Read Receipts. It works both for text and multimedia messages.

Hide Read for WhatsApp is available on Google Play Store for free. However, you might have to deal with pop-up ads when you use the app for multimedia messages. But you can remove ads on the app by getting ten friends to download it. That’s but a small price to pay to read incoming messages and hide read receipts.

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