Why are the higher variants of budget Nokia phones unavailable in the market? Why keep the tastier meals away from users? It doesn’t make business sense.

The higher variants of budget Nokia phones are not available and it doesn’t make sense

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Why are the higher variants of budget Nokia phones unavailable in the market? Why keep the tastier meals away from users? It just doesn’t make business sense, as far as I can see.

Last year, the Nokia 3.1 Plus was made officially available in Nigeria, but if you were after the better performance available on the 3GB/32GB variant, you were out of luck. Only the 2GB/16GB model was on sale via Nokia’s official channels in the country.

Fast forward a year later, and the Nokia 2.2 is here. It is a very attractive budget smartphone. The absence of a fingerprint reader almost mars it. But those who are willing to overlook that lack and embrace it will find that once again only the lower 2GB/16GB variant is available in the Nigerian market.

Yes; if you want smoother app launches and transitions and larger internal memory, you are on your own. For some reason, Nokia does not think that the 3GB/32GB model will sell here. I can’t imagine any other reason why they would do this.

Where is the 3GB/32GB higher variant of Nokia 2.2?

But they just might be wrong. Last year, there were people who wanted the 3GB/32GB variant of the Nokia 3.1 Plus in the country but couldn’t get their hands on it. I won’t be surprised to find that there are people who want that variant of the Nokia 2.2 now.

nokia 2.2 top
Deja Vu. The higher variant with 3GB RAM and 32GB storage of the Nokia 2.2 is nowhere to be found.

In my experience, 3GB RAM is the least desirable in an Android phone to enjoy smooth app launches and switching. In other words, multitaskers will be keen on the Nokia 2.2 3G/32GB variant. But look everywhere and all you will find is the 2GB/16GB variant.

Nokia makes phones that are well built (read: premium) and that offer stock Android OS, as well as guaranteed 2 years major software updates and 3 years of security updates. No other Android smartphone brand, besides Google Pixel and Essential, touches that standard. While a few other brands offer the stock or near-stock Android experience, they do not match the guarantee of updates that Nokia provides on their Android phones. None of them also have the wide variety of phones to pick from that Nokia offers.

With Nokia, this applies to their entry-level smartphones too. The most basic Nokia Android phones get software updates for 2 years and security updates for 3 years. That is a deal for Android users who desire smartphones that run up-to-date software and security.

Because of the quite solid, premium build, you will find the average Android Nokia phone costing a little more than the competition, but they do stand out and tend to be worth the extra cash you cough out.

nokia 2.2 single

Higher Variants of Budget Nokia Phones Need To Be Made Available

One can only hope that this habit of keeping higher variants of their budget phones away from certain markets is discontinued. Nokia needs to rethink it. I don’t see how it is good for business. At the least, keep a smaller stock available, but not having them available at all must be bad for business.

If a buyer wants a Nokia 2.2 3G RAM, they should be able to get their hands on one as easy as it is to get their hands on the 2GB RAM model. Having to go through the hassle of importing from the US, China or India is just not right.

July 30 Update: I raised this subject at a meeting I had with Nokia Nigeria last week and the response given is that the demand for the 3GB/32GB variants is not strong and seeing as they overlap with higher Nokia phone models in the market anyway, there isn’t any viable demand for them here.

August 11 Update: I stopped over at a phone store and asked about the 6GB RAM variant of the Nokia 6.1 Plus (Nokia X6). “That version is not available in the country”, was the response I got. They had the 4GB RAM variant. I’m not surprised anymore. I am just displeased.

If you haven’t yet, don’t forget to have a look at my Nokia 3.1 Plus review. It is a solidly built smartphone. Some interested buyers just wish the higher variant was available.

the higher variant of the nokia 3.1 plus was not available in the market
The higher variant of the Nokia 3.1 plus was not available in the market

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  1. The idea of 2GB RAM in a Android phone like Nokia is unacceptable. Nokia is a bigger brand to have come up with such devices. I know the higher RAM version is available, but how come we can’t find them in Nigeria, are they telling us we are not worthy of having them. Nokia need to correct this. And not only Nokia are doing this, even itel mobile too.

  2. The situation with itel is different from what obtains with Nokia.

    Itel is strictly an entry-level smartphone brand. There is presently no way to make phones in the sub-₦30,000 market with more than 2GB RAM. RAM is costly.

    With Nokia, we sometimes see even phones that cost ₦50,000 having 2GB of RAM.

  3. “For some reason, Nokia does not think that the 3GB/32GB model will sell here. I can’t imagine any other reason why they would do this” .
    Why would they think like that. People value 3GB RAM than 2GB. Nokia company

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