Highly successful websites are expensive to run

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I know that there has been this impression that websites are cheap to run and that you don’t need much to do business on the internet. I have run a few successful websites since 2004, and I can tell you flat out that it is a lie. Indeed, it is true that starting is cheap, but you cannot run a highly successful website without your expenses going up.

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On a global scale, Wikipedia is no doubt one of the world’s most successful websites. I read this morning that Wikipedia spent $27 million this year. Wikipedia is the only nonprofit organization within the world’s Top 40 Web sites, serves 19 billion page views per month, and is said to operate on a sliver of a budget compared to everybody else on that list.

Nigeria’s Successful Websites

On a more local scale, I doubt that many people have a good idea of what it costs to run a site like MOBILITY. Or Nairaland. No; it isn’t cheap. As websites get more successful, the increased traffic means a greater impact on the hosting server. As such, server upgrades have to be done again and again. That is cash. More experienced technical hands have to be hired or contracted to make sure that things run smoothly as the website gets bigger and perhaps more complex. Other non-technical costs will rise too.

And if those sites will be even more successful, their operating budgets must go up. That’s the way it works. Here is how it works again: starting a website may be relatively cheap, but running a successful website isn’t.


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