Absurd! A Sony Xperia 2015 model comes with just 1.26GB of useable storage

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It is amazing and sometimes ridiculous the way manufacturers make devices. Sometime ago, I bitterly complained on why manufacturers should partition device internal storage. It seems they listened to us and the likes of Infinix, TECNO, Innjoo and the rest now fully partition internal storage.

Fast forward to 2015, Sony just released a Sony Xperia M4 Aqua and the 8 GB version comes with a measly 1.26 GB free space out of the box.


The Android Lollipop it ships with takes 4 GB and bloatware takes 2 GB, leaving only 1.26GB left. This should be a crime punishable by law. In fact, a phone as crippled like this shouldn’t see the light of the day. The only way to get around this would involve rooting the phone, uninstalling bloatware and moving apps to SD card.

SMH for Sony!!



  1. I they’re still selling Android phones with Gingerbread and 512MB RAM in 2015, why wouldn’t a manufacturer sell a phone with just 1.2GB? They must know their target market. Now, how many they actually sell is another matter.

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