The Hottest Smartphones of 2016

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There is a deluge of smartphone releases each year. The volume keeps growing as more manufacturers spring up around the world, especially in China and India. We bring you the list of the hottest smartphones of 2016. These are the most searched for smartphones in the year 2016.

The Hottest Smartphones of 2016

  1. iPhone 7
  2. Freedom 251
  3. iPhone SE
  4. iPhone 6s
  5. Google Pixel
  6. Samsung Galaxy S7
  7. iPhone 7 Plus
  8. Samsung Galaxy Note 7
  9. Samsung J7

Human torch hottest smartphones

What an interesting list. And it is dominated by two brands. Four iPhone models. Darn. Then we have three Samsung models. It is safe to say that Apple and Samsung rule the smartphone world.

And Google makes it in too with the Pixel. The highly controversial $4 phone (Freedom 251) is on the list too. We asked the question, What happened to the $4 phone?, not too long ago.

It is no surprise that the Galaxy Note 7 is on the list. You will remember tales of the device combusting and the eventual recall and discontinuation of the device. There’s also the interesting story of the Note 7 Rebels who have refused to return their devices.

Are there any surprises on this list for you? Are there any smartphones missing from the list that you thought would be there?

PS: You noticed that there are 9 devices on the list? Tehehe. It isn’t a mistake. Must every list have 5 or 10 items on it? *runs away on Santa’s sleigh*

Source: Google.


  1. MR MOBILITY, I’m Suggesting you have another post titled hottest phones in Nigeria? i think phones like Tecno, infinix and Gionee. it would be unfair if authority blogs don’t acknowledge their efforts?

    Just suggesting.

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