Advertisement A few days ago, I published My love affair with Smile 4G LTE ends. Like I stated in that article, the problem was that

How a router put the Smile back on my face

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A few days ago, I published My love affair with Smile 4G LTE ends. Like I stated in that article, the problem was that I was on the fringe of Smile’s network coverage. Anyway, the guys at Smile got back to me to investigate. From their maps, indeed, it turned out that I was right. My location was right on the fringe of their coverage area. As a matter of fact, they were surprised that I could get any reception there at all.

I was also shown Smile’s network roadmap: there are several base stations nearing completion all around that region that would give me full bars when active. The good news is that that phase of network roll-out is scheduled to go live towards the end of September. As far as what I saw and the explanation I got is concerned, residents of Ogba, Oke-Ira, Alagbole and Akute can expect full Smile coverage in September/October 2014. But that is a little over a month away. Until then, it seemed that I only had to endure a bit to get better reception.


But it got better again: the Smile guys also explained that by default a router would give me better reception than a MiFi would in a coverage fringe area like mine. As appeasement, I am being loaned a router till the new base stations go live in September, after which I would return it and return to using my MiFi once again.


If you want to get on Smile 4G – and I have maintained that they are still the best wireless broadband experience anywhere in the country despite my recent experience at my location – and you are in a fringe area, do spend the extra N7,000 required to get a router. Actually, if you are in the fringe area of any ISP, a router is the better choice for better reception compared to a MiFi.


A smile has been put back on my face. Yes; many times, putting a smile on the face of the other person is all it takes to save a troubled relationship. My appreciation goes to everyone affiliated with Smile and the intervention team that took the time to contact me and work out a solution. You rock!

Let’s Help!

I am told that the intervention team that contacted me exists for situations like this. If you ever run into an issue that Smile’s regular support channels have been unable to resolve, do buzz us up here at MOBILITY and we will gladly forward your complaints. I am assured that you will get attended to.

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  2. Now that is customer service.pretty rear in Nigeria.(they “loaned ÿou a router!!”) i’ll be putting a SMILE on my screen soon :):):)

  3. I am just SMILING here…

    That was some service right there…now, I am an unofficial Smile ambassador

  4. I actually use Smile in Ibadan. I went for the router option straight away although i did not need to cos there’s a base station right next to my Office at Iwo road. The only problem I have faced with them is the data usage. I had been using Glo for my data for about 2 years before i switched. I noticed that when i started using Smile, the 5GB data allowance i was given got used up within 5 days, and i did not do anything extraordinary. I usually subscribed to Glo’s 17Gb data plan and many at times i would end up not utilising it all within the month, but here i was using up 5GB in less than 7 days. I then subscribed to a 10Gb data plan which lasted a bit more than 2 weeks (mainly because i had to really monitor my usage). Please not that my Glo subscription was always on as it was on my Iphone 4S ( i used it as a wifi hotspot). Bottom line is can anyone look into the data usage of Smile Networks.

    I still use them but is it really worth the cost of data.

  5. the problem you’re experiencing is an issue of thoroughput, the faster your connection the more data you can utilize in a certain period. it’s like you’ve got a bigger pipe, the data flows more freely. noticed this when 3G coverage got to my neck of the woods

  6. Hmm, Mr. Mo is always influencing some of the tech decisions I take. I’m strongly thinking about Smile now. However, I need it to fit into the Connected Home setup I am constructing. Please Mr. Mo I need a few details about the Smile Router. Kindly let me have the brand name (I see the Huawei logo but I am not sure) and model number. My main reason for this inquiry is to see if I can get some OpenWRT modules for it. Thanks in advance.

  7. I am very grateful. There you have it, I bought that router because Mr. Mo kept it in my face. Keep it up sir.

  8. I am having the same problem Gbenga had. I just bought the SMILE router on Friday, and already the 10GB on it has depleted to about 700 MB. Mr Mo you were asking him about router battery, how is that related?

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