How to Create an Empty or Blank Home Screen on Your iPhone

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Why would you want to create a blank Home Screen on your iPhone? For many people, less is more. Some people prefer the less complicated things in life, and this preference extends into how they use their mobile devices. Making your Home Screen blank is a good idea if you’re one of such people who’d prefer a simple iPhone background.

Sometimes, the iPhone’s Home Screen tends to get easily cluttered with app icons, which is not exactly relaxing to observe on the first page when you unlock your device. Thankfully, there’s an easy solution. This guide will review several ways to make your iPhone’s Home Screen empty. Since every step is simple and easy to follow, you can be sure that you’ll get the desired outcomes right away.

How to Create Blank Home Screen on your iPhone:
You can create an empty or blank Home Screen on your iPhone

Create Blank Home Screen on your iPhone: Move Apps Away From the Home Screen

Moving all of the apps on your iPhone’s Home Screen to the following page is the quickest way to generate a blank Home Screen. This is how to accomplish it:

  • To edit the Home Screen, first long-click any app on the screen and choose Edit Home Screen. This ought to activate jiggle mode.
  • Move the app icons from the first Home Screen to the next screen. Do this by dragging them sequentially to the iPhone’s right edge after jiggle mode has been activated.
  • Your Home Screen should then be entirely empty, and you can now take advantage of the clear, uncluttered first view that your blank home screen will deliver.

Create Blank Home Screen on your iPhone: Use Invisible Icons on your Home Screen Page

Making invisible icons is another way to personalize your iPhone Home Screen and give it an empty appearance. You would have to screenshot an empty page, make empty icons, and then download the finished product as your wallpaper to accomplish that. In other words, you’re leveraging various portions of the screenshot you took to create app icons. As the wallpaper is made of the same material, the icons will appear to “disappear” into the background.

Here’s how to go about it:

  • By holding down any icon on your iPhone’s Home Screen, you can turn on jiggle mode.
  • When you reach an empty page, swipe right.
  • Making use of the necessary buttons, take a snapshot of the blank page.
  • Find a tool that creates empty iPhone icons and use it next. The next steps are instructions on how to use iEmpty, which we suggest due to its simplicity. As an alternative, you may also make invisible icons by using the Makeovr tool.
  • Click on “Add Empty Icons” as you continue to scroll down the page.
  • On the screen that displays next, tap Choose File to upload the initial screenshot you captured in the “Your screenshot” section.
  • Select Send. Before sending the file, verify to ensure that you can get a preview of your snapshot.
  • On the following screen, scroll down to the Options area and select the Bookmark option to create your icons.
  • To view a grid of icons with your wallpaper as the background, scroll down. Any icon you choose from this list can be added to your Home Screen as a bookmark by using the share button. You can carry out this procedure as many times as you like for the icons on your home screen.

If you’re the type to change your wallpaper frequently, you might find this procedure to be a little laborious. This means you should consider using other methods we’ve suggested in this guide.

Create Blank Home Screen on your iPhone: Empty your Home Screen with Widgets

Using iOS 14, you may avoid the stress of downloading empty icons and uploading your wallpaper to specific websites. You can either employ a Siri suggestion or a transparent widget app in this situation.

You can use the Siri suggestions widget by following the instructions below:

  • First, ensure that the Shortcuts app is installed on your iPhone. You can download it directly from the App Store if it isn’t
  • Press down on an empty space on your current home screen, you’ll activate jiggle mode this way.
  • When you get to an empty page, swipe right. Next, click or tap the addition sign (+) in the top left corner.
  • Your Home Screen should now have three Siri suggestion widgets.
  • Aim to tap on the dots above the dock while in jiggle mode.
  • Deselect all pages but the one that contains the Siri recommendation widgets
  • After you remove all three of the Siri suggestion widgets you created, tap Done to exit jiggle mode.

You’re all done! Your iPhone Home Screen should be empty now, allowing you to fully admire your wallpaper. You can download customized app icons if you wish to further customize your Home Screen. The drawback of this approach is that you can only have one Home Screen page. You’ll have to employ Spotlight search or use your iPhone’s App Library to get to your apps.

Create Blank Home Screen on your iPhone: Use Transparent Widgets

Here are the steps you need to follow for this approach:

  • First, install TWid onto your device from the App Store
  • Press down on a blank space on the Home Screen to enter jiggle mode.
  • Right-click until the page is empty.
  • Take a picture of the blank page.
  • On your iPhone, launch the TWid app and choose the screenshot. It ought to show up in the app’s center.
  • Go back to your Home Screen and enable jiggle mode again.
  • Locate the TWid widget by tapping the addition (+) button in the top left.
  • Using the modify widget option, you’ll be able to add widgets and change the images as needed

In summary, making your home screen blank is very achievable as long as you’re guided by the right instructions. Follow the ones we’ve provided for you in this guide and you should be able to set up a blank home screen in no time.

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