Five to six months in the market and the Amazon Kindle fire is king of Android tablets. A 54% marketshare in such a short period


How did the Amazon Kindle Fire take over half of Android tablet market?

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Five to six months in the market and the Amazon Kindle fire is king of Android tablets. A 54% marketshare in such a short period of time is simply outstanding. Samsung’s Galaxy Tabs come a distant second place with about 15% of the Android tablet marketshare.


Consider that the Kindle Fire is less capable and more restricted than regular tablets running Android OS, and the puzzle gets more difficult. Or easier. That depends on where you stand, of course.

I remember being told that the Kindle Fire was useless as a tablet. It has only got a 7-inch display, runs on a Dual-Core 1 GHz processor and 512 MB RAM, and runs a restricted version of Android. Plus, it is actually more an e-Book reader than a proper tablet. And then, Amazon does not give access to several countries around the world. Perhaps the critics had good fodder for their skepticism about the Fire.


But results do not lie. The Fire must be good for something – and good enough for a whole lot of people.

You tell us why you think that the Kindle Fire has done so well.

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  2. I think that it is the low price point and the bundled service that Amazon offered where you could stream your content on demand killed other “powerful” Android tabs.

  3. Tobi, attempting to put the Fire’s success down to just price would also mean that other cheap Android smartphones should have sold well.

    But the statistics say otherwise. It just cannot be price alone.

  4. It probably boils down to the question of what people actually use / need their tablets for.

    Do i need a £500 ipad. Or a $200 Amazon Kindle Fire?

    Woukd the full_blown tablet be an overkill? I think so.

    Browse. Read ebooks. Stream. Media consumption strictly.

    Amazon has probably demonstrated clearly that most people need a tablet for media consumption, not creation, thus retarding the laptop/netbook replacement drive…

    Why spend N140k if what i need to spend is N35k?

  5. The Kindle Fire did better simply because it appealed to lots of Amazon users. The user base was already there as evidenced by the sales of the Amazon Kindle.

    It wasn’t just the price; Amazon was aware they had a user base and created a device and services which would appeal to those who want an “all in one” device – a tablet and easy access to Amazon, with some Android apps thrown in as well. The cheaper price was a bonus – if I had an Amazon account, why would I buy another tablet for more? And if I didn’t have a Kindle, I’d opt for the Fire over the Kindle especially when I know I can still read books on it in addition to everything else the price difference is marginal and you get what is a better device.

    I can bet most people who have bought it, like the Kindle, are already regular users and visitors of Amazon’s websites.

  6. It’s just economics. Let us not deceive ourselves the major reason is price. The hp touchpad is a good example. The sales were very disappointing at first but when the price was slashed…. bingo!…… They were flying off the shelves to the extent that hp had to make more units to meet up with orders after announcing that they will no longer make additional units.

  7. Truth is price is probably the major factor that the Kindle fire is selling so well. Pundits think that Amazon actually sells the Kindle Fire at a loss to get at this sweet price point! the gain from this “loss” from the assumption that users would buy media and contents from Amazon!

    It is like a free glucometer machine for reading blood glucose levels. We were actually given free at a conference! But it was useless if you don’t buy the mandatory strips for using it!

  8. I bought the Kindle Fire because provides a lot of function for the money. It’s compact, has a great screen and is easy to use. I rooted mine right away and can install just about any Android app available. It’s too small for viewing web pages but great for Netflix movies and music. It connects to my Synology server so I have access to all of my libraries. The iPad3 is much better for web pages. Mostly I use the Kindle to play Solitare, stream music to the living room stereo and check the weather forecast.

  9. A look at apple will tell you that its definately NOT the price.

    I think it just shows that all those people who keep making noise about processor speed, ram, camera, bla bla bla… and finally “freedom” (WP & IOS) may be wrong, yeah, they must be wrong

  10. Price is definitely the main reason. Other factors may be important but price stands out. If it cost twice as much, sales would drop. When Nintendo 3DS wasnt selling, nintendo dropped the price and sales picked up. Same with playstation 3. As for ipad success, ipad benefitted from being first in the game and providing an unmatched tablet experience. Yet Apple still tries to maintain the same price for new generation ipads while reducing that for older ones

  11. the guys at amazon simply found out what people really use tablets for,while eliminating the bogus additions from the big names.
    And the money is at the Amazon bookstore

  12. the guys at amazon simply found out what people really use tablets for,while eliminating the bogus additions from the big names.
    And the money is in the Amazon bookstore

  13. ‘my bro got a kindle recently. Was amazed when I played wit it. No, its not a kindle fire, its one of em older kindles that look like something fred flintstone created..heck, its even black and white. Ok, granted I like the size (about 6.5-7’) and d weight (and yes, I know a kindle fire is a much better tablet than the older e-reading kindle) but place a restricton on an os that should be open source and well, all you will get is my annoyed retreating backside… Guess its the amazon goodies that aided the rise to fame of an otherwise boring tablet.
    Erm…does it have bluetooth, camera, android market, ability to read epub, gsm/wcdma/utms connectivity, hdmi output, siri…ok I’m just being ridiculous but if you have to be a tablet, be a tablet. If you want to be an ereader, fine. Don’t be an e-reader then throw a lil connectivity and restrictions in my face and leave me acting petulant (avi imho, a tablet should be able to read ebks, so what’s the point of a stand alone e-reader? And with how samsung had gone all out to deliver tablets in almost all sizes, …)
    Sorry if I rambled, all these people wont allow me save money. its asus today, kindle tomorrow, note 10.1 the ffg day, one x later, lumia 900. My geek greed is on overdrive.
    …now, look what amazon has done, exhausted me.
    Sighs! I need a drink.

  14. Eye.bee.kay:

    I beg you, please read and understand the article before commenting. The article questions Android tablets and here you are comparing Kindle to the iPad. I am scratching my head again.

    If you read even the title alone, you would not post that dimwit comment.

  15. Is a BMW a better car than a Hyundai? Yeah, sure. Is a BMW worth spending 4 times as much for as a Hyundai? Well…maybe. Depends on how much money you have and on what you want from a car.

    The Kindle Fire is no-frills, but like a Hyundai, it gets you from point A to point B. I’m happy with it. When I get rich maybe I’ll buy a more expensive tablet. Maybe I’ll buy a BMW too. (Or maybe not.)

    By the way, the Fire turns out to be not nearly so “restricted” as was first reported when it came out. All those Google apps that were supposedly unavailable on the Fire, including numerous web browsers, launchers, music and video players, can be found on the web and sideloaded onto the Kindle Fire, and they work just fine. (Or as Jjjimbo said above, you can root the Fire and load apps directly from Google Play.)

    And Zsch, the old black-and-white Kindle e-readers with that silly little experimental browser is not a Kindle Fire. They never claimed to be tablets. C’mon dude, pay attention.

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