How do artistes and producers deal with the internet and mobile?

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It was just yesterday that I published a review of an online service that allows subscribers to convert and download YouTube videos to their devices for offline consumption.

I keep wondering how the combination of internet and mobile impact the entertainment industry in terms of income generation. Consider that a producer releases an audio track, a music video, or even a movie one day, and it is on YouTube the very same day for anyone to download. How do these guys sell?

In some cases, these media items are even available for free download weeks before the official launch.

The terrain seems to be changing fast. The game is certainly changing too. Are you an artiste or producer? How have you adjusted to this trend? How are you taking advantage of the situation to boost your sales?

For example, the recent launch of Don Jazzy’s Mavin label saw a promo rack being made available for download online via web and mobile. Other artistes have done similar campaigns involving audio and video. However, how does this play with regards commercial works being put up by 3rd parties for free download?

Are you a subscriber or user? What is your take on this trend?


  1. I think they allow such to generate more popularity for their songs and make money from shows,events and concerts.

  2. Even in Yankee, people have started coming to terms with the fact that albums don’t sell anymore. The money lies in touring, merchandising, repeated heavy airplay and of course endorsement deals.

    So like Obus said some probably give music away just to set the ball rolling and give the songs a chance to reach far and wide and bring back them returns via means other than sales.

  3. Obus Boss have said it all, Artiste even beg Bloggers to Promote their Music, When the Publicity is high, the Money will come from Shows.

    Even Upcoming Artistes today pay the Pirate Lord at Alaba Internation to help them include their Tracks in their Upcoming Top 20 List.

    The Internet is seriously killing Biz for the Stars and A blessing to the Upcoming Acts to get known.

  4. @obus has said it all, the money these days are made from shows, the physical sales just contribute a fraction but it has to be said that Nigerians still appreciate the need to own the album (mostly those that are less tech savvy)

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