How do I use the free 4 GB data MTN gave me?

Posted by Etoniru Chibueze

Yesterday morning, MTN gifted me 4 GB of free data with a validity of 7 days. They claimed it should be used only on a 4G enabled SIM card and device. See screenshot of the message below:

Now, here is the problem. I currently use the Bluboo Maya Max, a 4G smartphone (see specifications and review). I switched on data and tried to browse. It loaded a few webpages and stopped. Why? Had the 4 GB data finished? I checked to see that these guys had zapped all my bonus airtime. MTN is at it again 🙁

I thought my SIM was 4G enabled? I texted 4G to 131 to confirm. Feedback: the SIM is 4G enabled. So why the hell can I not browse with this line? The SIM is a 4G SIM. The smartphone is a 4G device. What else?

Do I need to move to a 4G network coverage area before I can use this data? Who else received this data bonus? How did you use yours? Please share.


  1. I used mine up under 3 hrs…Perhaps the fact that I had an active 1-week data plan helped. As a result, one cannot help but infer that you need an active data plan in order to use this free 4G.

    And obviously, one needs to be in a 4G coverage area

  2. Not really.

    Why do you have to be in a 4G area?

    Data is data. If you get the bonus, and switch for something lower (say 3G), the data should still connect, no?.

    Of course, MTN (Nigeria) is not known for being generous. I see anything labelled ‘FREE or BONUS’ from MTN (Nigeria) ,and I just sneer. Usually, I don’t bother.

  3. Ideally yes, but from the message which I recieved as well, it was clearly stated as “4G/LTE Bonus data”. It didn’t work on my non-4G phone and did not reflect in my active regular data plan. I intend to try it out on 4G enabled phone later today.

  4. Real Ojoro. I didn’t too though on checking *559*444# on my wife’s phone, I could see the 4GB given to her albeit unusable as she owns a 3G phone. I guess they are only give people that really don’t use MTN for data… (My brother and wife got and they both don’t use MTN for data at all)

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