I had a guest last week, a mobile phone retailer, and we spent good time talking and sharing and playing with a handful of devices.

How do iPhone users cope with that display?

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iPhone 5

I had a guest last week, a mobile phone retailer, and we spent good time talking and sharing and playing with a handful of devices. He had with him an iPhone. Now, the only iPhone I have ever owned was the 3GS back in 2010. The iPhone 3GS had a 3.5-inch display. A display of 3.5 inches in size was large back in 2010, but the world has since moved forward in leaps and bounds. Except Apple. This is 2014, and the iPhone display has only grown an extra 0.5 inches since the 3GS.

I held that iPhone in my hands last week and played with it. It was so small! It was there and then that it occurred to me that the current iPhone range has exactly the same screen size as the entry level Nokia X and Lumia 520, for example. Many other entry level phones from other manufacturers all feature a 4-inch display. I know that Apple has now got larger displays in the works, but I just couldn’t get my head around the fact that people pay so much for such a tiny device.

However, I absolutely love how portable and how handy the iPhone is. Very nice. For serious work and best comfort though, a display of 4.5 to 5.5 inches works for me. My very sweet spot seems to be 5 inches though. But, yes; that is life: different strokes for different folks. Do you own an iPhone? How do you find the display size?


  1. Price aside, it all comes down to preference. The largest sized phone I’ve ever owned had a 4.3 inches, and that was a beautiful screen.

    Does the size bother me? No. The phone simply does what I want it to do, no faffing or tweaking. I find I type faster and more accurately on that. And I can do pretty long and complex write-ups on it.

    One if the main reasons screen size isn’t an issue is that I also have a laptop and tablet, so most of my productivity is there. And, as I explained to one of my antagonisers, I can discreetly check my mail and tweets at work in a way I can’t on a slablet.

    AND …it fits nicely into any trouser pocket 🙂

  2. FYI, not every1 enjoy carrying TV screens as phones. I for one cannot use anything above 4.5″. I mean why should I be walking with a 6″ screen phone in my pocket? To enjoy hd movies? What is my TV for? Not to talk of the inconvenience. Imagine if every manufacturer decides to make phablets. How boring & monotonous will that be. My point is, it is good we have a choice. U can rock ur 6″ phablets or wateva u guys like to call it. But let others rock theirs too. Don’t tell us how uncool it is just b’cos someone has a different choice.

  3. screen size is really a matter of preference, and the optimum range is 4.3 – 4.7″. been using a 3.5″ TECHNO L3 since I lost my LG G2 (2 months +) and I haven’t died (yet). a lotta consumers (usually females) like smaller screens (4.3″ or less) that’s one of the reasons the Lumia 520 is so popular with teen girls in Europe

  4. //…but I just couldn’t get my headaround the fact that people pay so much for such a tiny device…//

    It’s called LOVE. people in love can’t think straight. It’s a hormonal thing.

    I handled my old warhorse, the Nokia 5800 again this weekend, after changing the screen, the casing, and getting an original New Tokunboh battery.

    It was amazing how I could have coped with 3.5′ for close to three years.

    No, tiny screens like 4′ are no longer for me. It would be like going back to drive a Kia picanto
    after owning a somniferous Lexus Jeep. Tufiakwa.

    Give me six inches, or give me Seven.

  5. As you said, different things works for different folks.I cant imagine holding a 5 inches phone.That would be way bigger than my palm.screen size is a major consideration for me in choosing a phone.

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