I have two internet access subscriptions – the primary from Glo and a backup from Etisalat. Sometimes, it is a game of musical chairs switching

How do non-geeks cope?

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Tech frustration

I have two internet access subscriptions – the primary from Glo and a backup from Etisalat. Sometimes, it is a game of musical chairs switching between them when a problem occurs. Perhaps Glo is misbehaving, and I switch to Etisalat, only to find that there is a problem with that too. Sometimes, I swap SIM cards. Sometimes, I have to swap Wi-Fi connections. It gets frustrating for even a long-time techie like myself. I keep wondering how non-geeks cope with the madness that technology can be.

I use Google Contacts to synchronise my contacts across devices. It is supposed to make life easy for me switching between devices. I enter my Google details on any new device and all my contacts appear in minutes. Nice. Yet, sometimes, Google Contacts duplicates or erases contacts. What I do is generate and store away backups, a process that the average non-geek finds confusing and tiring. How does he cope?

Dad owns a BlackBerry which he uses on the MTN Nigeria network. For the second time now, his BlackBerry has started throwing up an invalid password error for his email account. We have checked again and again: the password is correct. The email address works on other devices, just not BlackBerry. I resolved it the first time. This second time, there has been no resolution. He is tired and thinks the device is faulty. i doubt it, because the same email address is not going through on my wife’s BlackBerry. Yet, the login details are correct. Dad is unable to cope. He has given up and just wants to return the BlackBerry smartphone to MTN where he purchased it from.

Yesterday, I ran into the following tweets by two geeky, techie types. They reinforce the theme of this article:

I can’t even begin to imagine how non-techies must feel.

Till today, my wife still finds operating the home theatre confusing. Ba the simplest operations, she is lost when it comes to anyone else. For example, ask her to pair her smartphone via Bluetooth with the theatre, so we can listen to music over the nice sound system, and you might as well be speaking geek. HDMI? Please! HDMI and UFO belong in the same category. If mom is reading this, she knows that this is also a super sub to her. Yes; I couldn’t pass that opportunity to rub it in, mom. Love you!

My friend, Dayo, narrated how his neighbour purchased an iPhone 5 after much excitement and couldn’t figure out how to get it to work or get internet service on it. He had to walk him through setting it up and then basic usage.

Modern technology has made great advances but is far from being very user friendly to non-geeks. I dare say that it is largely frustrating to them, especially when issues arise. As someone who lives by technology, I encounter enough frustrations to make me just drop everything and go get some sleep sometimes. How do non-geeks cope?

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  1. We cope!!! shikena!! Alright, but why is there a duplication when you synchronize contacts? all my contacts are duplicated now on my phone, how do I correct that? Thank you.

    I like your space here. Not too techie for ‘learners’ like me

  2. I remember when I got my first Android, the lady at Slot counter offered to setup my internet for a small token. I said, “no thanks I’ll figure it out myself”. She said, “I promise you, you will come back to us eventually”. She actually promised me? She didn’t know I am a tech junkie.
    now i can imagine how many non-techie people fall for that threat everyday.

  3. Now, that is a good qquestion, how have I been coping, well thanks to the geeks that surrounds me, I frequently plaque them with questions, even before asking google. Like MM said most of these advnace tech are way too much for people like us, all we want is a good device that won’t take us days and reading all reviews in the workd to figure it out. Is that too much to ask?

  4. I have been thinking about this for so long. Some things seem complex and tiring to me and I can’t say I not geekish enough, so I feel very terribly for the non-geek. It must be absolutely frustrating and discouraging for them.

  5. but why is there a duplication when you synchronize contacts? all my contacts are duplicated now on my phone, how do I correct that?

    Hello Bimbola,

    Nice to have you here. To take care of duplicated contacts in Google, login to Gmail on your PC, click on “Contacts” at the very top of the page, and your Google Contacts should load in a new tab or window.

    Click the “More” tab, and in the drop-down menu, select “Find & merge duplicates”


  6. Mr Mo,Please can you do a review of this tecno F7 phantom.i wanna get one and i would really appreciate your review of it.

  7. Well I think non- geeks cope just fine, it’s the nerds that have problems with their phones.

    1. Nerds worry about contacts synchronization and duplicates while noobs just save the numbers on their sim.

    2. Nerds worry about network issues signal dropping and how they can stop it, noobs just blame it on the operators and wait for it to get better.

    3. nerds worry about their phones using too much data while the noobs either upgrade their plan, stop trying to watch all the YouTube videos they can or use their phones for calls and SMS.

    4. Lastly when noobs have issues with their gadgets they just bring it to the nerds to stress over and fix it.

  8. By the way, the problem of duplicated contacts….if you are an Android user, download..

    Contacts ReMover( Plus)

    it works splendidly.

  9. Martinkem don talk everything finish. Lol.. I pity the non geeks too. Especially when they depend on those slot staff that knows next to nothing . My wife picked up the lumia 720 from slot and allowed them to turn it on. They just set the phone’s region to UK and made it impossible for me creating a local billing address on the phone. I had to reset the phone to correct their error.

  10. hahahhahahahahhaha, the frustration of a geek. Today I have a class on how to watch all the international TV stations via the Internet. The App is not on Plat, but I tell you, as a geek I am expected to fix a solution.And I will

  11. looooooool.

    @martinkem, don judge the matter finish. That’s all there is folks!!!

  12. learning is fun,no? yes it is. .. non geeks should freaking play around n learn already.. no one was born a geek

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