How Do You Use Tablets?

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I am not a fan of tablets. They are just too big for me to get comfortable with. However, the Orbra Inferno is so good that I keep picking it up. The only other tablet that has impacted me in a similar fashion is the Nexus 7. Both of them have 7-inch displays. They are as small and handy as tablets get.

Anyway, here I am reclining in bed this evening using the Inferno. As has been my experience with every other tablet, within a few minutes, my hands feel worn. I have never been able to get used to holding the bulk and weight of any tablet in my hands – 7-inchers inclusive. I always get tired shortly after picking them up. But variety, it is said, is the spice of life. I know that many others love their tablets, even 11-inch ones. God bless them.

If you own or love tablets, how do you use them? What do you use them for? How do you cope with the size and the weight?

Meanwhile, like I said earlier, the Orbra Inferno is really nice. It is an up-to-date modern tablet. If you are into tablets and are looking to buy one soon, place your order here.


  1. Why does it appear over priced? As compared to the phantom A+ or tecno pad? Does it outperform them or is there any other added advantage?
    While awaiting your review for the device to see that,I think in my own opinion that the entry price for the device is kinda high though,what’s the incentive to go for an orbra as against a tecno or gionee?

  2. I so much enjoy using a Tablet now that, I actively considered using a dirt cheap feature phone as the primary phone.

    That may still happen, for me.

  3. EyeBeeKay,

    That is my ideal scenario for using a tablet: a small phone the size of the Asha 501 (for calls and SMS only) while the tablet handles all mobile computing.

  4. I’ve never used a tablet in bed. Phone yes, tablet no. Always sat in a chair and used it, or at least at a table or desk.

    Tablets weren’t designed for the full weight to be on your wrists for any extended period of time.

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