How Emma took 3 ladies on a group date

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Honestly, if you need advice on boy-girl matters, just come and see me. Like Emma did last week. He is engaged to get married, and came to me to say that the babes of his bachelor days were “fighting back”. Three of them. Each one was pestering him for a date before the wedding was to take place. He said to me: “Even with my IV in their hands, they are asking for a night out.”

My “professional” recommendation to him? This:

Take all of them out together. That way, nothing can happen 😀

Emma hit the floor rolling but admitted that it was a brilliant plan. So he set out to fix the date. As he later told me, he fixed the rendezvous and set arrival for each of them at 20 minutes intervals. His feedback on the date:

“The look on their faces was priceless. Your wicked idea meant the date was short and I did most of the talking. And I also lost a BBM and WhatsApp contact.”

Oh well; mission accomplished anyway. Yes; I know. I am a very resident evil.


  1. Hahahhahaha… Nice “evil” advice . At least it got the job done.
    I wonder what this 3 ladies miss so much that they want one last date b4 the wedding? *evil grin*

  2. What if the advice backfired? Nobody likes to lose. Say the ladies banded together in anger and went rogue on him; slaps, fingernails, heels of 10″ shoes etc now that would be epic and he won’t have come back to thank you for it.

    Ladies….be sharp and respond accordingly. 😉

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