How good is Opera Max for Android?

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This month, Opera Max has achieved a 57% saving in mobile browsing for me. For overall internet usage in all apps and services, the savings is 17%.

From the statistics, Opera Max didn’t compress any internet data that passed through the following apps:

  • Facebook
  • Gmail
  • Google+
  • Messenger
  • Twitter
  • Gtbank

As a rule, Opera Max doesn’t touch any secure data, for obvious reasons.

Different people will get different results with Opera Max. Clearly, if you do a lot of web browsing in comparison to other activities, you will get the best savings.

A 17% overall savings translates to N170 in cash if you spend N1,000 monthly on mobile internet. If I spend N2,000, that’s a saving of N340. Is it worth it? Finance-savvy people will tell you that any savings is a good thing, because it all adds up eventually.

If you have been complaining of data bills on Android, Opera Max is the next best thing to BlackBerry-like data compression that is available for you. It is still in test phase, but yes; go get Opera Max.


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  1. Opera Max is quite good …saves some good coins.

    The highest savings (above 50percent) comes with my Twitter App..EchoFon

    //Clearly, if you do a lot of web browsing in comparison to other activities, you will get the best savings.//

    Not really. If you use Opera Mini, it doesn’t compress that at all.

    And like I said above, when I even use a different Browser, the savings is never up to 50 percent. Not even close..Perhaps it depends on the specific browser. I use CM Browser.

    I wouldn’t know what to do without this Opera Max now.

    Next to Swiftkey going free, it’s best mobile piece of news for me in recent times….

    1. The reason why Opera Max won’t compress Opera Mini at all is because Opera Mini already comes with its own internal compression mechanism and you don’t want to further compress a webpage which has already been compressed. 🙂

  2. My experience with Opera max hasn’t been stellar at all, almost all the apps i use bypasses Opera Max making it utterly useless to me.

    This is a test i carried out on Opera Browser for Android, Opera Mini, Firefox and Chrome. I loaded 3 webpages on these browsers, 2 different pages on Thenextweb and the homepage on MediatakeOut and this was the data usage i got as measured by Opera Max.

    Comparing opera mini, Opera Browser, Firefox & Chrome's data usage loading and mediatakeout— Marten Nkem (@martinkem) June 26, 2014

    From my test it seems that Google Chrome’s compression was really good considering that it loads the actual page including the javascript and the images are sharper than Opera Mini. Opera browser for Android had it’s offmode disabled for this test (i repeated the test with the off-road mode turned on and the usage was still above Chrome and close to 2.5MB).

  3. u can try dis method am using.. I used a firewall to prevent all apps from browsing but opera max, so dat any app dat wants to browse will hav to go tru opera max definitely. it has helped a lot. tru d opera max I have inhibited sum apps from browsing still… truly d best thing to happen to droid, still think it cld compress more tho, but I must confess d video dwnld is so awesomely compressed n streaming is so fluid even on glo

    1. Video compression, Which browser are u using?. I tried it with the YouTube app and it didnt compress a byte. Most of my apps on android have been restricted from using mobile data and what am measuring or reporting is what the Opera Max measures.

  4. Pls are droidwall & opera max compatible with each other. If yes would I ve to enable operamax in droidwall or what?

  5. //u can try dis method am using.. I used a firewall to prevent all apps from browsing but opera max, so dat any app dat wants to browse will hav to go tru opera max definitely. it has helped a lot.//

    I think it depends on the method used by the specific firewall.

    on AfWall , for instance, you need to enable internet access for apps, separately, before they connect, irrespective of whether opera Max is granted access our not…

  6. Sure saves data but not helping me much at the moment. The issue is I almost always have my phone tethering on so my tab can be connected. If Max is activated the connecting devices won’t be able to connect to the Internet even though connected to the phone’s hotspot. I’ve used about 800Mb out of my present data plan… The only saving is a meager 10mb! I’m sure once I get a phone “whose head is correct” I won’t have to have the tablet always on and I’ll be able to maximise the benefits of opera Max.

    Note: I use a Nokia X and Note 8.

  7. opera max n droidwall r compatible. on dtoidwall under mobile data only opera max is enabled,hence, only opera max shld b browsing n an app dat browses must go tru opera max. @eyeBeeKay if afwall is trully doing like dat I suggest u try a diff one, cos from d outset I noticed all apps started browsing after installing opera max even doz inhibited,tis den I guessed dey r going tru d O max. allowing only O max is jes to b double sure

  8. d video compression is almost across all apps.. tubegod, ustvonline, even loader droid wen downloading a video from say doz online YouTube video saving sites.

    so dats wat was hindering my hotspot n dere I was thinking twas mtn

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