How Heavy Are Foldable Phones? The Ultimate Comparison Of 2023 Models

When someone asked me, “Mister Mobility, how heavy are foldable phones?”, I had only one quick and sharp response: “Very”. Foldable phones may be the next frontier right now, but until technology advances to change things, you will have to deal with the extra weight of having a hinge, metal, dual screens, and more, in one device.

I am very particular about the weight of the phones I use. I prefer my devices lightweight and compact, if I can help it. The sweet spot for me, when it comes to a phone’s weight, is the 140g to 170g range. For example, I found the Samsung S23‘s 168g good, though even that feels heavy when compared to the iPhone SE 2022’s 144g, which I consider perfect.

Foldable phones are the cutting edge mobile phones of our time. How heavy are foldable phones? Let me paint the picture as clearly as possible: all foldable phones are relatively heavy when compared to most regular monolith slab phones. Even at that, while some are only just a little heavier than regular smartphones, some others are incredibly heavy.

There are two types of foldable phones – the large, tablet-style types and the small flip-style types. Let’s see how much different models in these two categories weigh.

Weight of tablet-style foldable phones

Google Pixel Fold - How heavy are foldable phones?

Large book-style foldable phones are also known as tablet-style foldable phones or simply foldable phones. They are devices that can transform from a candy bar-style phone to a small tablet when opened, with a flexible interior display that ranges from seven to eight inches diagonally. Some examples of large book-style foldable phones are the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5, the OnePlus Open, the Google Pixel Fold, and the OPPO Find N3 Flip.

The bulk and weight of tablet-style foldables is why I have stayed away from them. The lightest of them is the OnePlus Open and it weighs a whopping 239g. I imagine that you would begin to develop some arm muscles if you were to use a tablet-style foldable on a daily basis.

At 289g and 299g respectively, the Pixel Fold and Phantom V Fold (sold in certain European, Asian, and African markets) are absolutely too heavy for me to even consider. They are almost clocking 300g in weight! I certainly do not want to carry dumbbells around daily.

Weight of flip-style or clamshell foldable phones

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 - how heavy are foldable phones?

Smaller vertical folding phones are also known as clamshell foldable phones or flip-style foldable phones. They are devices that can fold in half along the horizontal axis, reducing their size and making them more pocketable. Some examples of smaller vertical folding phones are the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5, the Motorola Razr Plus, and the Honor Magic Vs.

Because they are more compact, clamshell foldable phones also are more lightweight, compared to the tablet-style types.

  • Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5: 187g
  • Motorola Razr Plus: 184.5 g or 188.5 g
  • OPPO Find N3 Flip: 198g
  • Phantom V Flip 5G: 194g

As you can see, compared to the tablet-style types, flip-style foldables are much lighter in weight. They still weigh more than most regular smartphones, though, being about 20g above my sweet spot. But they make up for it with compactness. They are extremely compact, especially when closed. And even when opened, they are extremely thin and lack the bulk of their tablet-style siblings.

What is the lightest foldable smartphone?

There are other foldable phones apart from those listed in this article, but if you are resident in the United States and Canada, your options are limited to foldable phones by Google, Samsung, Motorola, and OnePlus. Of course, you can always order any one of those that are not available on North America from an online store and have it shipped to you.

But for the purposes of this article, we are good looking at models officially supported in the USA and Canada. And the lightest foldable phone in these two countries is the Motorola Razr Plus weighing in at 184.5g or 188.5g, depending on which version you are buying. Closely following the Motorola is Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip5.

Your Choice

Image showing the two types of foldable phones.

Does the weight of foldable phones of the factor into purchasing decisions? Of course, it does. Some people just do not want to have to deal with heavy smartphones.

If you are like me, and bulky and heavy devices are a deal breaker for you, stay away from tablet-style foldable phones. You will find them tedious to carry around and stressful to use. If you must experience a foldable phone, get a flip-style model and enjoy the benefits of their lighter weight and more compact form factor.

But if weight and bulk are not issues for you, or perhaps you absolutely must have them large, a tablet-style foldable is what the doctor ordered for you. As always, the choice is yours.

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