I knew I was going to get your attention with that heading. It is really very simple: when you load N500 or N1,000 airtime on

How I got 80GB bonus internet on the Glo network

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glo wideI knew I was going to get your attention with that heading.

It is really very simple: when you load N500 or N1,000 airtime on your Glo line, you receive bonus data on your line, whether you are aware of it or not.

PS: Perhaps I should also mention that I am on Glo Infinito. I do not know if the situation is the same across all Glo prepaid packages.

Here’s how to find out what bonus data you’ve got: dial 124 and press 1 to listen to the nice lady tell you your account balance. Do keep a pen and paper handy, as she speaks out your data balance; it gets pretty long!

I checked mine earlier this morning and found mine had accumulated to 80GB over the last several months. Great. Its browsing time!

How To Use Your Bonus Data
The trick is, your bonus data can only be used with Glo’s Glodirect configuration settings, so you have to use those. Here they are:

Configuration name: Glodirect
APN: glosecure
Username: gprs
Password: gprs

So, go enjoy your bonus internet. And don’t forget to say Thank you to Glo.

Thanks to Spacyzuma for the tip-off.

Warning: If you use the Glodirect settings without having bonus data available, your airtime will be used for every connection you make.

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  1. Yes!!!
    I got 17Gb+ to spend.
    But, big but, the line is on BIS till 14th next month. ?

  2. It’s good to know. Appears I do not have any data bonus credit. I only started using Glo less than 7 weeks ago! But I tell you I love Glo! I wonder why I have persistently shot shot myself in the foot by using MTN!

    Glo forever. Rule your world!

  3. yah, it works well and it has been on for long now. Glo gives a bonus of 25MB and 50MB when u load N500 and N1000 respectively.

    U can kno your volume or amount of MB given to u as oga Yomi said or when u want to recharge, use d voice recharge (i.e dail 123) b4 puttin d rech. Pin. When d recharge is successful u will be told d amount recharged and d bonus (in thousands of bits) given to u and the validity period.

    U can only enjoy dis using d glosecure (glo direct) APN.

    For those of u who want to enjoy this bonus first before actually starts using your bundle, pls disconect all conections, delete or disable d gloflat APN, and put or replace it wit the glosecure APN as given by oga Yomi b4 loading. You may ask Y?

    Here is d Z: wen u subscribe to a glo bundle plan, d validity period starts from the moment u conect (normally tru d gloflat APN) if dis hapns b4, u start using ur bonus, it wont b wise bcos d counting has began for ur bundle even if u are using d bonus.

    So, for me, after doing wht I said above, u will enjoy ur bonus first for the period given to u after which u can now go back to ur gloflat, connect and start enjoying ur bundle and d validity for d bundle startsfrom dat day or moment.

    All d best for those who care to use it. Thanks

  4. Thank, people.
    I actually saw this tip on artwale’s blog last week. It did not work when i tried it out, and it just went out of my mind as i have an active data bundle.

    I just checked balance and changed my apn (again) as instructed. It is still is not working o!

    What could i be doing wrong?

  5. @ebk: wen did u recharge last? Remember I said (from glo customer care) d bonus valid for seven days startin frm d day u recharged, mak sure u meet dis condition otherwise, using d glosecure APN,hahaha…. Ur money or credit goes. 2ndly, lik I said again delete the gloflat APN (only if u kno how to put it back pls ), bcos if it is there and it is ur default or prefered APN, no matter wht it will not work bcos ur fone will automatically pick dat gloflat APN which does not work with d bonus and replace it with glosecure APN then switch off and on it back . Lastly make sure ur fone does not use wap as APN too bcos it may a factor affecting u too. Thanks

  6. I ve been using mine for almost 3 months. Initially, I thought it was a glitch but when I asked my contact in glo about it, he said it was delibrate. Then I had accumulated 16 gigs which I used for over a month period.
    Now the system has been rectified to actually reflect 25 or 50 mb when I load 500 naira or 1000 naira on my number.

  7. Someone mentioned this a couple of weeks back when I was still struggling to get my glo line configured/activated for internet services. it worked and then I was able to enjoy up to, I suppose accumulated data bonus of about 20GB, though I thought initially it was some kind of mistake.

    So effectively, I enjoy 250MB with N1000 on glo network for 37 or 42 days. It just depend on my being able to control my data consumption. That’s another reason I didn’t find MTN’s new data tariff attractive.

  8. Can’t stop laughing when I saw “I knew I was going to get your attention with that heading.” indeed you did because we all awuf, but am not a glo subscriber sha.


  9. I just checked mine & i hav more than 18gb worth of data. this accumulation mite be as a result of havin my BIS on my glo line for about 11 months nw(plus i recharge my fone line regularly).

    initially i was surprised dat i wasnt charged anytme i connected my BB to my laptop to browse. i tot it was just a glitch or dey allowed BIS customers dat privilege,based on the limitations of the data cap.

    Glo never seizes to impress me. Now i can get my android & use my glo line on it (recharge more & get more data),then bring out my airtel from where it has been resting since and continue wit airtel BIS.being dt wen i get my android fone,i’ll relegate my BB to secondary device.All i’ll need it for will jst be BBM.

    I’m posting this now with my glo connection on my BB via my laptop.

    Glo truly allows u to rule ur world.

  10. This is great. I’ve never thought of this and I wondered why glo do not disclose this openly. Althou, glo is not that stable in my city, I’ll try it out with their newly introduced 3G network in my area.

  11. Wow! Imagine, i also have some free kb. Have to get a pen, call them back so i can know how much mb it is. This is just a SIM i only use for browsing on my c3 oo. Wondering how many giggs my guy will have now. Will tell him asap….thx sir

  12. there is april fool. this is yomi fool?

    coincidentally i had finally activated gloflat on my phone in the last 2weeks.by payin attn to the details i had overlooked from yomi’s writeups.i must say that glo rocks!

    to chip in on settings, you dont need to delete any one,just create two profiles one flat the other secure and switch between the two.

  13. 26N 6kobo. 2636800KB. 8units of MMS. 9-10-2012
    my 50MB on flat expires tomoro and then i shal migrate to being secure.thanks to general Y

  14. I noticed this too but i felt it was an error. Still not excited bout the news cos from last month glo started a very annoying thing wit me. When i’m browsing with glo on my e5, they remove d browsing connection like every 30mins and take it out for like 30-60mins den return it back. Its very frustrating cos you’ll be in the middle of an important stuff online and network just trips off and you know it’ll go off for an hour. Because of this i hardly exhaust the main data given to me not to talk of the bonus. But Glo is very stable on my 5130xm.
    Till today i don’t know d explanation to give this. Any other person experiencing such???

  15. you dont need to delete any one,just create two profiles oneflat the other secure and switch between thetwo.

    with a broeser llike uc browser( Symbisn Version),if a particular APN does not connect (for whatever reason), it automatically sequentially silently tries all defined APNs.

    This behaviour may (not) be what you want

    To be safe, i recommend you only have defined ONLY the APN you wish to use – at any point i’m tine.

  16. This is truly impressive from glo, let me quickly use up my remaining bundle of gloflat and start enjoying my 10291201kb. LOL!!!

  17. @Boss_o_matic:

    Yes I experienced that a couple of times while I still had some gigabites to spare. On the whole, I wasted not less than 6GB because of this problem, while downloading stuff from some websites that are supposed to support download resumption, they refused to resume in some occasion for reasons I could not understand.

    Really very frustrating and even more annoying now that I realized that I earned those wasted gigs.

    Right now, the network is still far from stable but it is only a problem when I’m chatting, but that is not a deal breaker for me yet.

  18. I found out after I subscribed to the glo mega deal for N8 few months back. When I tether phone through ovi suite I use the glosecure config and use the glo flat settings strictly for mobile phone browsing so my phone is browsing through glo flat while computer is browsing through glo secure simultaneously with mad speed. Kudos to glo.

  19. Hi guys. I have the Nokia premium bundle plan (6gig/6months) presently running. Can I just switch the settings from gloflat and enjoy whatever bonus I discover having? I am sure it will be huge. I have been using glo as my primary line for calls and data(5k data monthly) for over monthly. Well, let me go grab myself a pen and listen to the sweet voice first. Thanks Yomi for this info. You can’t imagine how much good this MN has done in my life since I joined.

  20. @Harry, chat? I don’t even try that again cos i spend most of it apologizing for walking out rudely from the conversation due to network.
    I just hope they’ll rectify it before my next month’s subscription

  21. @boss_o_matic
    I understand what you are going through cos I’v been experiencing it ever since… The problem should be from your cell (area of radio coverage ) or what etisalat calls “home zone” . I noticed whenever I’m out of my home zone I get stable glo data connection but when I’m back it gets unstable… Anyway, if you use a Nokia phone this might work for you cause it works for me.. Go to settings then network mode select gsm. I believe you connection should stabilize but it obviously won’t be as fast as browsing on 3g mode and whenever there’s need for speed go back to settings and select 3g but be ready for regular disconnections with 3g in your home zone. I hope this works for you too. 1

  22. told ya! got 59263057kb . now, do I just go ahead and start using this bonus or I wait till I finish my present nokia premium plan? glo better not change their mind ooo . I must enjoy every bit of my bonus.

  23. @telneting. the present network problem on glo network started about two weeks ago and has seriously affected their 3g in a lot of areas in lagos as I have come to experience. I still called their office on it today and was told the fault has been rectified. just like you suggested, I just selected 2g only on my device to experience some form of stability,although very slow. I hope they rectify this soon because glo 3g is damn fast and wide spread, at least in Lagos .

  24. @ belushi,
    I’v been experiencing mine since last year ! but I’v never thought of calling glo cc cos they never help.

  25. Thanks Yomi/Spacy for the info and necessary tips. I still wonder why Glo didn’t make this info available to all their subscribers.

    Like others, my only problem with Glo is the very frustrating unstable connection. It has been like that since the begining of the year and Glo do not t seem to have a solution.

  26. @Telneting Thanks! Though i hardly use dier 3g network cos its not stable over here in uniben. I still experience such. The thing is that the network doesn’t fluctuate at all when in my java phone.

  27. Thank you Yomi,
    Just checked mine and I got 7613148KB which is about 7.2gb.
    Glo rocks! Its really make you rule your world.
    But some information supplied here are somehow contradicting, somebody posted here that it is valid for 7 days from the date of recharging how comes then that my data accumulated to 7gb?

  28. I was eventually able to get get my bonus working. What I got as bonus was about 51 MegaBytes! MegaBytes!

    Now, when people talk about having 80 GigaBytes, i KNOW IMMEDIATELY THERE must be something wrong somewhere.

    The official position is that you get 25MegaBytes free when you load N500 and 50Megabytes free whenever you load N1,000.. And it is valid for just 7 days,

    Hypotethically, even if one uses up N15,000 on data monthly (maybe a Yomi would do that!), the bonus would be 750MegaBytes (50Mb X 15) for that month. For you to accumulate 80 GigaBytes (80 X 1024 MegaBytes), you must have consistently used up N15,000 worth of data monthy for about 100 months (over 8 years)!. That is IMPOSSIBLE, obviously!

    Remember that this bonus that you get is just for 7 days, That is the official position. So, how are people able to accumulate such ridiculous amounts of data? It makes even less sense because you need to consume like 5 Gig / month for 1.5 years to use up 80 Gig. It is a no_brainer that GLO can not be doling out more bonus than one is using up – itself..
    Glo is probably making some horrible mistake in the calculation.

    The method used to calculate the bonus must be faulty. That is the logical conclusion!
    I would hazard a guess that here is somebody that does not know his Gigabyte from his TeraByte handling the calculations!

    Or, am I missing SOMETHING?

  29. eyebeekay, those giga loads of bytes that people are accumulating applys to those that got theirs before now.When I exhausted my 16 gigs last week and recharged with 1000 naira, 51 megs was credited to my account.So for Yomi and others,when they finished their data allocation, they will be credited with 25mb or 51mb depending on how much they recharged with.

  30. Too bad i’m in kebbi state where there’s only glo gprs which is painstakingly slow 🙁
    hope my 5gigabytes of data waits till i get back to lagos in december!

  31. Hey guys!
    Why all these noise about glo making mistakes and the like? You are given something free and you still complain giving analysis and all that. What’s your problem. You want to run glo data section for the owners? EyeBeeKay and others are trying to be more catholic than the Pope.

    Please let’s all sit down and enjoy what we are given and give thanks rather than insulting the mentality of the givers

  32. Hey guys!
    Why all these noise about glo making mistakes and the like? You are given something free and you still complain giving analysis and all that. What’s your problem. You want to run glo data section for the owners? EyeBeeKay and others are trying to be more catholic than the Pope.
    Please let’s all sit down and enjoy what we are given and give thanks rather than insulting the mentality of the givers

  33. @Deoladoctor, there is nada wrong in being more catholic than the Pope oo. If Thai pope is not doing his ecumenical work well..

    if monumental mistakes like this are not highlighted, how can you trust that next time you will not get short changed? Can i continue to trust my bank if they make stupid calculation errors, and those errors are not promptly rectified?

    I would really love to know how people ended up with those mind boggling bonus gigabytes..

  34. na wao!glo pls i apologise for this ungrateful outburst.it doesnt reflect the official view here.indeed we are eternally grateful to you-GLO.keep up the good work.shukran!

  35. @jujukemist, if u suddenly find your account wrongly credited with N100 Milkion, and the bank does not discover this error, or discovers AND does NOTHING to correct it, you better move your money elsewhere.

    That IS the point. Sure-we appreciate the bonus. That is NOT the point.
    I hope YOU get the point?

    By the way-how do YOU know the official position HERE?, sir?

  36. @eye_bee_kay
    Did you carry out any research before jumping into conclusion that it’s a mistake from glo? I think the reason you are whining is because you have the least bonus accumulated megabytes (51mb) … Lol.. Sorry I had to laugh..lol again. I have about 14gb left, 42 free mms and the best thing is my validity period expires 7th October 2012.. Yeah 2012 ! Thanks glo.. Rock my world !

  37. …Did you carry out any research before jumping into conclusion that it’s a mistake from glo? …

    Good question, telneting?.

    Now- did you read my analysis at all? There must be an error!
    Whinning? Come on!
    I join you in your laughter. Congrats o.
    I know free i sweet and can actually obscure rational analyses..

  38. It appears Eye.Bee.Kay is the only Sane and lonely voice crying in the Wilderness and is not heard! Something must definitely be wrong. Or Glo must be stepping their hands too much in the bonanza.

    It’s good to have the official position. however, I can’t help congratulating Glo. They’re simply too much. I’m so proud of them. They’re a trend setter and also indigenous. MTN should hide their head from today in shame. I’ve now started the process of moving to Glo fully, even before the number portability commences next year! Thank you so much, Glo!!!!

  39. Gentlemen, through this forum I got to know about the glosecure Access point and the bonus data, but what I did not know was that it had been accumulating for the past six months. I have more than 4GB of data. I thank you all in this forum, I thank @Yomi and you all (I can’t write all names though)

    Most importantly I thank Globacom Nigeria.
    Cheers all

  40. @afewgoodmen @EyeBeeKay,
    I beg to disagree. Seem both of you have not been using glo for too long or you use glo intermittently. There are many incentives glo give to costumers and occasional promos in addition. If you use glo blackberry services, you will know that for every recharge you make, glo awards you points. These points are tied to rewards known and hidden. After a stated number of points, you win various items. Along the way, you get things like free night calls, free mms, free SMS, and free data. Most people that now have huge amount of free data have been with glo BIS for long and have accumulated points.

    Glo has a way of calculating what you merit. Am sure it’s not a mistake. It is obvious that most people given these points and data would not utilize them till expired. And just because you just realized the existence of these frebees does not mean they have not been in existence for sometime or that they are mistakes from glo. All you need do is give thanks and patronize glo more. That way, they will be happy to know they are appreciated and be willing to give more to nigerians.

    Let’s face it, glo has done more for nigerians than all the other networks put together.

  41. @EBK: Some folks don’t get where you’re coming from and I suggest you quit pushing your agenda before shit happens. High BP na bad thing oh. lol

    To all those who have extra credit, make una use am sharp sharp ’cause this news will soon get across to GLO and they’ll take action immediately.

    Na so dem take delete my N1,500 bonus without warning 4 months ago 🙁

  42. @Deoladoctor: I use a BlackBerry and I can officially tell you that BlackBerry Points is shit! I have over N5,000 gone without crediting towards my BlackBerry Point.

    Even their Flexi thingy doesn’t work or it’s application is hazy.

  43. @Chukwudi,

    I don’t know why your case is as such but I can tell you one or two guys that have redeemed their points. I intend accumulating mine for as long as possible. So far I got a total of only 3,300.

  44. @afewgoodmen
    ”I ’ ’ ve ve now now started started the the
    process process of of moving moving to to
    Glo fully”

    u have started d process of moving..thats a continuous tense statement! Same reason why most Nigerians still follow MTN. Our minds re never really made up

  45. the YOMI i know will not post anything hazy here.
    and this was not like etisalat whose system crashed in april this year leadin to subscribers get up to N50,000 worth of credit-i got 7k + i didnt mention it here,because of precidence. Finally you dail a known glo num 124 and a sexy female voice interacts with you-glo’s secreet weapon to torpedo MTN.Amen

  46. Shaman, Most of my numbers AND contactS are on MTN. For NOw I’ll start with receiving calls from MTN only. And make calls from my Glo line only. That way I’d support Glo more than the evil MTN. then gradually, when I know most of my contacts are aware of my new Glo SIM, I’d then stop using MTN. or use it once in a blue moon. QED.

  47. I did that 8months ago..believe me it doesnt work! U’ll still continue to use MTN…as long as u’re receiving with it, there would be instances u’ll have to load it

  48. For me, I only use a network that’s favourable at any point in time or any condition or occasion while at the same time doing my best to sit MTN up. For instance, my MTN line is restricted to calling only the ten numbers they have offered me at17k/s and of course sending text messages to all MTN lines. All other calls are made through my Glo line.

    If I have to call through my Glo line and if the person I’m calling has two lines, then I always call a other line and only try MTN line when I couldn’t reach them through other lines.

  49. I noticed that I have accumulated 2gb on my glo line but internet service has not been activated on my sim card so I haven’t been able to use my free gb. I called customer care to activate internet service on my sim and was told to text ALL phone name and model to 1234 and also text ACTIVATE to 127 but the sim is yet to be activated for gprs service. Do you have another way to activate it. Thanks.

  50. @kemie, an alternative method is to send an email to broadaccesscare@gloworld.com n clearly state ur problem. They’d help u do it. Be sure to let them know that u want ur sim enabled for internet and not activated for 3G. Hope this helps

  51. @Eye.bee.kay, i guess we are on the same level as i also have 35 megabytes. Glo’s calculation, however, has to be questioned.

    According to gloworld.com/prepaidhsi.asp:

    ‘Please note that all subscribers can now do a multiple recharge. More than one subscription can be loaded on an account, with the data quota and the plan validity added. Any subscriber can load a max of 6 subscriptions at a point in time.’

    I would say glo’s systems therefore accumulated a backlog of data bonus n dashed some people tonnes of data to play with.

    Enjoy it while it lasts…

  52. For me, after checking, i have 505GB free bundle, but i havn’t been able to use it. I keep getting the error 619 and 629 even though i have done everything am supposed to do. Can anyone help?

  53. (
    For me, after checking, i have 505GB free bundle, but i havn’t been able to use it. I keep getting the error 619 and 629 even though i have done everything am supposed to do.

    Same here.. my wife’s GLO line also has some crazy data figure like that (i use far more data than she does -but i have nothing like that).

    I have not been able to make use of a byte! I have given up trying. GlO is probably bonkers!

    I am not surprised there are connectivity problems on GLO- too many people with gigabytes of inexplicable data – clogging the network…

  54. 505gb???? Wow. There’s no way i would rest if i’d something like that. I would research till data pops through my line….or break the sim (if i cant have it, neither would glo).

  55. Am I suppose to have credit on my line before it connects? Cos I have 30GB and it not connecting

  56. I had some 51mb of free data but i lost it after i change my plan. but did i really lost it, help.

  57. Is there another way to check ur free data balance cos as at now, dialing 124 and pressing 1 only reveals ur account balance and mms units. Try and see. Pls o i need to know how much ive accumulated.

  58. @Gabriel,

    Simply load your sim with minimum of N100 and try again. Glo requires money to be on your account to access some features.

  59. i bludered,as we say in d military ‘i don buy job’ my free gigs wiped off after i did a stupid move yo flexi.i lost every thing.pls any backup plan?

  60. Find below the response I got from Glo when I asked why my N589 credit was wiped off while browsing using Glo direct settings even though I had about 25GB of free internet data. I have been able to use over 400MB of data after my credit balance was reduced to zero.

    Here’s the said response:

    “Dear Dr Austine Ezemelue,We acknowledge receipt of your mail.We write to inform you that the free internet bonus is for wap browsing only, that means, you will only be able to use it on your wap enabled phone.We hope the information suffices.Kindly call our helpline 444 (from 3G enabled lines) or 08070140444 for further enquiries. You can also write us via same medium.Regards,Doris AshakaGlo 3G HSI HelpdeskCustomer CareGlobacom LtdSr No: NA”

    I’m yet to try out their suggestion though.

  61. @Austine: from personal experience, I will advc dat whoever wants to use that bonus shld make sure he doesnt have credit on the line, bt make sure u dont hav zero acct. Glo finished my N1500 to 0.02k.

    Even when I used “glosecure” APN. When I called 444, I was told that I shld hav use “glogwap” APN. I did but it wont work. Am stiil enjoying my bonus on my fone and on my system but wit just N5 credit on the line. So do that and stop wastin ur time sending them(glo) mail.

  62. What i do is to use a thirdparty app to track my data usage. Once i have used up close to whatever bonus i have, i am alerted.That way, i do not overshoot. I use spb wireless monitor on Symbian.

  63. Hey Guys,

    Looks like Glo is really messed up now. Or i am the one messed up by Glo. I loaded N500 Yesterday and subscribed for 50Mb for 1 week plan. The money was taken and I got no text from glo. I then sent “info” to 127 and got an empty reply (a reply text but empty). All the same, I thought it was a network thing and started browsing only to be cut off and my balance N100 taken. No way to check anything as the customer care is always busy. I’VE BEEN ROBBED BY GLO. What do I do now?

  64. Deoaldoctor ; Has your 17 GB free Glo browsing finished? That’s rather fast. My only advice is that you should keep trying to call Glo customer service. Be patient!

    Damn! Rule your World!

  65. From my perspective it’s nothing but a farce. I calculated that we got about 500mb data bundle, but then found if I put credit on the phone, it ate the credit. Originally I tried to subscribe to the 100mb data bundle and it wouldn’t let me, which i when I found out about the 500mb.

    When I found it was eating my credit and called Customer Service, the person I spoke to either didn’t understand what I was saying (i.e. tried to subscribe but couldn’t, the data bundle was taking my credit). She said check 127 for what data I had even though dialling 124 told me I had a data bundle.

    In the end I gave up using it as the connection was terrible; add to that the data bundle would reduce along with the credit. Not likely to rule my world at any time, but good luck to those of you for whom it works.

  66. What is the point of having free gigabytes when you can only download at snail speed.? No matter what Glo gives, it throttles down your access especially if you are not in Lagos, Abuja and 2 other towns. Come down to Ekitii and check if Globacom has data service. For me, and until Globacom improves on speed, I will stay away from their Greek’s offer. Globacom does not appear to care for reputable service anymore once it can hypnotize you with “awoof wey dey run belle”

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