I use an Android phone and I have about 50 applications installed on it at any time. While this may seem a little out of

How Many Apps Do You Actually Use?

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I use an Android phone and I have about 50 applications installed on it at any time. While this may seem a little out of the ordinary, I have heard of some digital junkies out there with apps on their devices running into hundreds.

This got me thinking, how many apps can be considered okay to have installed on your device. And of these apps, how many do you actively use?

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Of the 50 applications I have installed on my mobile, I only use about 8 actively. I use Twitter the most, followed by Opera mini and some gaming with Line Runner along with checking for movie details with IMDb app. There is Wikipedia which I use most times to settle arguments and also MX Video Player for watching video clips.

There’s ezPDF Reader for reading PDF files on the move, while I use the WordPress and Blogger apps to update my blogs, as well as Mobility of course.

The Android market has the highest percentage of free apps in any mobile application store, so there is a high tendency for you to download a lot of apps that you may not need or use regularly.

In fact, on the Android market, 67% of applications are free compared to 31% on the iOS app store and 61% on the Windows Phone Marketplace.

My question to you is that of the plethora of apps on your phone, how many do you actively actually use?


  1. I have almost 200 apps installed on my Toshiba Thrive. When you have so much space to play with on your device, it could be a problem.

  2. i just have thirty (in addition to default apps) and i use 25 daily… rest are occassional

  3. CellPhoneSoft ‘Instant Menu’ is a Symbian 60 5th Ed app that allows you to define as many apps as you want – for quick access from inside ANY running app. Although it does not specify a limit, using it has forced me to indentify which apps I use the most frequently.

    When you create your list of modifiable app_list, it maintains a running count (in brackets) of the number of times you use your apps. That way, you can easily order your list based on frequency of use.

    The apps I use most regularly on ‘old_school’ Symbian 60 5th Ed are:

    Uc Mobile / Opera Mini / Opera Mobile / QQ Browser (browsers)
    X-plore (file manager)
    Sticky Notes (stick-it application. Scribble on_the_go)
    MsDict Viewer (dictionary / Thesaurus)
    Handy Expense (Money Manager)
    QuickNet (Cycle thru Network modes)
    QuickRotate (Change Screen Orientation )
    Projekt (an OutLiner)
    Nimbuzz (IM)
    Handy Calendar
    AnyView (EBook Reader)
    Office Suite / Quick Office
    Phone Torch (shame PHCN)

    These following apps auto_start with the phone :

    JBAK Task Manager (ultimate Symbain TaskManager)
    Instant Menu (access any app from anywhere)
    Pocket Lock (lock/unlock screen by covering sensor))
    Data Monitor (keep track of internet bandwidth usage)
    DzSoft SettingBar (drop down access to screen brightness, wifi, bluetooth etc )
    RAMBlow (manages phone memory. Essential on Nokia 5800)

    If a web_app exists, I generally try to use that rather than equivalent native app. It is why I avoid Facebook, twitter, gmail, MobilityBlog apps, etc. I use the web_app equivalents. The reason is to save data costs (using a server assisted webBrowser), as well as to avoid installing too many apps on my device.

  4. At last count, I have roughly about 290 apps on my iPad. And each one of them are useful. Unlike you Emmanuel Olalere, I use a lot more of my apps on a daily basis. I have a low threshold for “unproductive” apps that do nothing on my iPad. I download countless more and uninstall immediately if I find out that they are “useless” to me.

    The apps that I use on a daily basis are about 30! While the others I use once in a while are much more than that. They’re some that I only have use for once a week or once a month. My Most used apps are Twitter, GoodReader (A multi-format Document reader and storage app), MediaBurner, Oplayer, QuickOffice, Splashtop, Reuters News App, Skype, Filer (Multi-format document/media downloader and viewer), Nimbuzz, Dragon Dictation, Google translator, Chess.com, itunes U, and iBooks! I have the Facebook app but I prefer using the web (Safari browser) for Facebook. I realised that it’s much faster!

    My popular game apps that I play regularly include Bruce Lee, Metal Gear Solid, Luxor, Alien Invaders and some Racing games!

    For Medical Apps I use Medscape, Oxford Handbook, CanadaQBank, Prognosis, and Eponyms regularly.

    Finally, I shouldn’t denigrate some Tech Apps that I use on a constant basis. They include; Engadget, PCworld, and Disquus!

    Well, there they are. There may be some important ones that I must have missed.

    But that’s all basically! My opinion still remains that apps make up a platform!

  5. How could i have forgotten ‘Swype’?

    I hereby move a motion to proclaim AFewGoodMen, the Chief Comptroller of the Association of Extreme App Junkies
    Somebody say, ‘Amen!!!’

  6. I have a few apps on my old school Nokia E63.
    But I use opera mini, nimbuzz and whatsapp regularly.
    I just discovered opera mini next in the screen snap above and thats’ what I’m making this post with.

  7. I presently have 121 apps installed.

    The following apps that are needed regularly start when the phone starts and run all the time:
    * TouchPal keyboard
    * Jbak TaskMan – helped me eliminate 3 others (thank to Eye.Bee.Kay)
    * ZDBox – Sort of Swiss Army knife (digital battery indicator, Task killer, Data usage monitor, App lock – to restrict access, App uninstaller etc)
    * Clipper – Clipboard manager (thank to Eye.Bee.Kay)
    * Network Monitor Mini – Monitors both download and upload speeds, doesn’t always run actively but I can easily enable or disable it from the notification bar.
    * URSafe CPU Monitor.
    * Quick Settings – To easily toggle those hardware that are not feature on the Android notification bar natively, WiFi hotspot, screen auto-rotate, screen brightness and much more.
    * Onavo – Data usage monitor. Though ZDBox mentioned above also does this among other things, it is difficult to install this app for its extra features. I think Onavo is the best in this category on Android.
    * Youlu Address Book – Contact manager. Has additional features that made preferable over the stock app.
    * K-9 Mail – Best email app IMHO

    I start the flowing apps manually and I use them regularly:

    * wordweb dictionary – excellent dictionary except it doesn’t support copying text for now. I also have Dictionary for MIDs and ColorDic when I need to copy text.
    ColorNote – when I need to take down notes without bothering about saving them but still want them saved.
    * Opera Mini
    * 920 Text Editor/QuickHTML – For editing comments on sites and text generally and for viewing text files that may need copying or extracting portions conveniently.
    * Quick Bible/Open Bible – Bible viewers
    File Expert/RD File Explorer – File managers.
    TweetDeck – Twitter/Facebook app.

  8. As I contrasted the list of applications by AfewGoodMen, Harry Echemco and Eye.Bee.Kay, I was struck by the similarities in the usage pattern / list.

    This is why choosing a platform on the basis of App availability ALONE is a daunting task.

    I will therefore attempt to classify the apps that most people appear to need the most:

    Monitor / Control Data Consumption
    Monitor / Control Phone Memory / Tasks
    Dictionary / Office Document Editing / Viewing
    Social Media (Twitter, FaceBook, Chat) / Contact Management
    Text Input / ClipBoard Management
    Quick Access To Often_Needed Device Settings
    Some quick comments on [Harry ‘Android’ Echemco]’s list, viz-a-viz the Symbian counterpart :
    In place of ‘TouchPal’ keyboard, Symbian has ‘Swype’, ‘Dasur SlideIt’ & Dr Milk’s DayHand Input’
    ‘ZDBox’ has its match in CellPhoneSoft’s ‘Swiss Manager Pro’
    ‘Youlu Contact Manager’ & ‘JBak Task Manager’ both exist for the Symbian crowd too
    Android’s Clipper has ‘TextPockets’ as equivalent on Symbian (S60 3rd)
    The counterpart to Android’s ‘Quick Settings’ is ‘SettingBar’
    For ‘Onavo’, we have Symbians SPB’s ‘Data Monitor’
    Opera Mini exists for almost all platforms
    Android’s ‘ColorNote’ is similar to Symbian’s ‘Sticky Note’, ‘NoteIt’, ‘ScratchPad’, & ‘ScribPad’
    Bible apps abound on the Symbian platform.

    WordWeb has Symbians ‘MsDict Viewer’ multi-dictionary app to contend with.
    Regarding E-readers, Symbian boasts of several. ‘AnyView’, ‘ZXReader’ and ‘Albite Reader’ stand out.
    LonelyCatGames has ‘XPlorer’ for Symbian (now discontinued). Nothing touches it. It contends with the likes of Android’s ‘ES File Explorer’ and ‘File Expert’
    The social_media apps and Office Editors/Dox Viewers – of course have a presence on practically all the platforms available
    WordWeb exists for Windows PC (I whole-heartedly recommend this). A free portable edition is available too.


    Apart from an OSes like WindowsPhone & Bada, it safe to conclude that there is an overabundance of Apps to choose from on Android, iOS & Symbian.

    WindowsPhone & Bada need serious ‘app-celeration’ to make good impact….

  9. @shayman

    Now that you mentioned it, app that i use on Blackberry include:

    Blackberry Messenger
    Twitter/Facebook/Yahoo messenger/ Google Talk
    Email apps
    Opera mini
    Dataviz Document to Go (Full Package with Word Editor)
    Wordpress App for posting on my blogs
    Google Sync

    That’s about it for those of us who are keen users. Generality of users will not have some of these app and would be contented with only the built in app and app that enhances bbm like Easy Smiley.

    Try play a game on blackberry and see the frustration. (I don’t know about the touch screen only blackberrys. Maybe those ones would be good with games):D

  10. Because my phone sucks in terms of intenal memory available (a stingy 130mb) many of my apps have been backed up and only come out when I need it or want to replace another app.

    I read somewhere the average iPhone user has 40 apps, the average Android user 25 – nothing on Windows Phone or Symbian/Nokia Belle users.

    I have about 30 apps on my phone. Most of the stock apps have been replaced by:
    Launcher Pro
    Go SMS Pro
    exDialer and exContacts
    K9 email
    TouchPal Keyboard

    Other apps I use regularly are:
    My Battery Status
    Opera Mini
    Quickoffice Pro
    Kik Messenger
    App 2 SD
    BBC News
    My Backup Pro

    There are other apps which are redundant in my location and/or I can’t use properly because of the network e.g. Soundhound, eBuddy. And some are simply redundant in Nigeria but I keep them to save me downloading them again.

  11. Wow @ the person that has 121 apps, I try to have as little apps as possible installed on my phone, just unnecessary resource drain. I think I have like 10 to 15 apps. Evermore, scoremobile, pandora,ubertwitter, Facebook, aljazeera, Google voice and few more and I use most daily with the exception of score mobile on weekends.

  12. It seems the guys that use blackberries are only in it for the messenger,only one post for them ..

  13. Jakigaga
    Personally, apart from the Blackberry’s messaging capabilities, it excels in nothing else. Once it loses the messaging edge, the company would definitely hit the ground hard.

  14. Once it loses the messaging edge, the company would definitely hit the ground hard.

    …and that edge is sure getting blunt…

  15. Please can anyone give me names of some free HD Games in Android Market. Thanks in advance.

  16. @Surajudeen264, try these…

    1. Real Football 2010
    2. Asphalt 5
    3. Assassin’s Creed
    4. Dungeon Hunter
    5. Gangstar: West Coast Hustle
    6. Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.X.
    7. Hero of Sparta
    8. Let’s Golf!
    9. Modern Combat: Sandstorm
    10. N.O.V.A. Near Orbit VanguardAlliance
    11. UNO
    12.James Cameron’s Avatar

  17. I really miss my android days with plethora of apps: box storage, ms OneNote, seesmic, opera, k9 mail, shazam, WordPress, SkyDrive…and endless list.
    Now on WP7.5, kinda feels lonely…however there is light at the end of the tunnel. I finally have opera on WP7 (yay), no need for twitter & Facebook client as they are embedded in the OS. SkyDrive is natural here, whatsapp and seesmic are handy. UC browser, ms office app etc. It can only get better!

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