How many mobiles support 128GB micro SD card?

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I was thinking about this 128GB micro SD card business and thinking that one would have a hard time finding devices that work with it. So, I did a little fact-finding activity, and it turns out, there is nothing to worry about. Scores of smartphones support 128GB micro SD card. I have 128 supported devices on that list. Some of them are dirt cheap too.

128GB micro sd card

For example, the Lumias 435, 535 and 630 support 128GB micro SD cards. Shocking, right? It is difficult to find dirt cheap Android mobiles that support it though. But from the mid-range upwards, you will find plenty of Android devices from Samsung, HTC, LG, Gionee and others supporting this capacity of storage card.

BlackBerry’s Leap, as well as the more expensive Classic and Passport smartphones also support 128GB cards. However, you won’t find a memory card slot on any iPhone, so do not look there.

In all, there are at least 128 smartphones out there that support 128GB micro SD cards right now. Interesting fact.


  1. Lol at the previous two posts.

    But seriously, the lesson is: if you’re going to buy a 128GB Micro SD card, you should really confirm that your phone supports it.

  2. Mr Mo is right in stating that scores of phones support 128GB cards. The recently announced HTC One M9+ and E9+ do too. The question is how many of these are accessible (price-wise) to the average Nigerian?

  3. But then, the average Nigerian doesn’t need a 128GB memory card.
    Lol @myself for answering my own question.

  4. but isnt it true phones support memory cards a step ahead e.g a phone said to max at 32gb can use a 64gb?

  5. taa… why Nigerian nor go need 128? are u saying we don’t like having great stuffs on our gadgets? me for one dey dream of moving on up since, too much deleting for too long

  6. I thought it was a step below. Back in the day, feature phones would hang and lag if you tried using the maximum supported size.

  7. that’s jes ambiguous and vague mehn.. u gat no definition my man, so I go know where I dey. cos why/how will I point to myself assuredly that am amongst the 3/10

  8. love to shout fallacy of hasty generalization… if them Chinese co make phones off 128 as it’s special point whilst playing down other specs, twill b cheap(am guessing)

  9. @Ehis, that would be a BAD move, considering how far down the specs are played down already?

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