How mobile technology can save your wedding in an emergency

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10 minutes to my wedding, I’m called for a contract of $300 million? Of course, the wedding will wait. What kind of question is that? Don’t tell me that doesn’t qualify as an emergency. The wedding waits please, at least back in the day.

However, modern technology means that we can now eat our cake and have it. The wedding can actually hold in my absence. We can place a large portrait of me on a chair beside the bride while I dash away to go nail the contract! Now, we can throw in a mobile phone call and put me on speaker-phone, so I can say, “I do” at the appropriate time. But, even better, we can notch it up a bit and make that call a video call so that my sweet bride can actually both hear and see me say those words. Of course, I would get to see her too, on the road wherever I am at that time.

There. Technology makes it perfect. Wedding saved. Weddings redefined. Some day, we will have weddings with one partner using a holographic projection.


  1. Technology sure makes a lots of things feasible.

    But in some cases, like in this wedding scenario, you are better off postponing the wedding rather than using technology as a stopgap measure.


    If your spouse is abroad, can kissing your smartphone screen while her photograph is displayed on it.. the same as the real thing?

    Like Mr Mo once said in an article, online communicat can only take second place to having a real life face-to-face conversation.

    In totally unavoidable situations, though, yes, technology can be used to take the place of physical presence.

    A thought… technology can transmit images and sound. When is it going to be possible to transmit touch, smell and taste ?

  2. Uh boss, I don’t think so. Traditional wedding if you do that kind of thing, yes, you can get away with a pic in the chair. But a registry wedding? No, you would have to be there, you will have to make your vows in front of witnesses, and most importantly, you have to sign the marriage register in person.

    Technology will be no help in that scenario unless you plan on paying your identical twin to be a stand in for you, let him kiss your bride, take pics with her while you chase your contract…

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