What MOBILITY Does For You

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Welcome to MOBILITY, a mobile lifestyle and technical help website. This site is accessible on any device that you have – phone, smartphone, tablet, laptop, and desktop. Just type MOBILITY.COM.NG in your address bar, regardless of the device, and you get a view that is adapted to your device. Smile.

As A Consumer

Our core focus is providing our readers with free, useful and fun information. Call it infotainment, if you will. We pass across helpful information in a variety of creative ways – tutorials, features, and even fiction. We also publish tips for getting the best out of the devices and services that you have paid for. Do you have a question? Ask, and we shall answer. We are here just for you.

Hangout With Mr. Mo
This unique show hosted by MOBILITY’s founder is designed to give readers who frequent this blog a platform to share their passions with the world. So, if you currently reside in Lagos, Nigeria and you’d love to appear on Hangout With Mr. Mo, shoot a mail to mister@mobility.com.ng.

Bargain Review Devices For Sale
We make available review devices at bargain prices available for interested readers to buy. Prices are between 60 and 80 percent of the prevailing prices of new devices on the market, depending on the circumstances. This service is available to Nigerian residents only.

Commercial Services

We have a couple of paid services available for brands who are interested in leveraging on our powerful platform to reach out with news and information about their products and services.

Content Marketing
Brands are welcome to send in their press releases, media items, and products announcements which we will craft to fit our site’s style and engage MOBILITY’s readership where necessary. We are masters at story-telling, and are proficient at taking our clients’ messages and spin them in creative and engaging story-telling formats to reach and engage the target audiences. This is part of our content marketing service and attracts the same fee.

Text Link Ads
We also accept text link ads.

Events Coverage
The MOBILITY team is also available to attend and cover events. Reports of those events are also published in our signature engaging story-telling format that our readers enjoy so well.

Brands and advert buyers are welcome to contact our Client Services Executive, Omonzua Akhabue on mobility@mobility.com.ng, or +2348076400503.