How MobilityArena’s Deal Of The Week works

Every week (mostly), we give our readers here at MobilityArena the opportunity to take advantage of the best mobile phone deals and purchase a particular smartphone at a significant discount from prices that obtain in the market. This is what we call Deal Of The Week.

MobilityArena deal of the week

How Deal Of The Week Works

Here are insights as to how this service works:

  1. MobilityArena does not run a physical phone store or stock devices. We source all devices from recognised retailers in the market
  2. We do not purchase the devices down upfront, but buy them in bulk after we have received your orders (to take advantage of lower bulk prices) and then deliver/ship them
  3. This means that you cannot physically come to pick up a device. It is strictly a delivery service.
  4. We are unable to accept payment on delivery. All payments for our Deal Of The Week offers have to be made upfront.

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