On the 5th of November, I updated my Facebook status with the following: In contrast to me, my wife is very cyber-disconnected. For example, she

How my wife got her Facebook and email groove back on

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On the 5th of November, I updated my Facebook status with the following:

In contrast to me, my wife is very cyber-disconnected. For example, she has over 60 pending FB friend requests. How can I win her over to the “dark side” of ultra-connected people?

You see, she would go for weeks (and sometimes even months) without access to her Facebook account or Yahoo mailbox.

I got some interesting responses to that status, with a good friend even jabbing me for using up the quota of connectivity that she should have used. Here are some of the responses:

  • Ah! sir, I don’t think you can win this battle. Even fasting and prayers won’t solve this. Maybe you should try gisting tech things with her. I’m not even trusting this would work sha
  • How can she when you have taken over her own quota of connectivity. 🙂 You need to slow down a bit so she has some more opportunity. 🙂
  • Yomi, whenever u get the answer let me know so I can use same formula on my wife Lol


Well, I do think that the solution I opted for hit the nail right on the head. The following day was her birthday, so I simply gave her a new phone as a birthday present. Since then, she has been active online with Facebook, her Yahoo mail account, and web browsing. She even visits Mobility Nigeria. Unbelievable. Simply unbelievable.

Now, I know that you are all interested in knowing what phone that must be. A device that has successfully turned an internet-disconnected middle-age mother of two and corporate manager into a semi mobile nerd within two weeks must be of interest to anyone who is into phones.

Is it a Symbian device or a Blackberry? Windows Mobile or Android? Or perhaps even an iPhone? Please hold on to your horses and take a chill pill first.

I thought you would also be interested in the factors that I had to contend with in choosing a device for her. Here they are –

  1. Simplicity – the device must not be so complex as to overwhelm her. This is someone who has done little more than voice, SMS and taking pictures with her past phones.
  2. Battery life – she very often fails to remember to charge her phones, so it must not be a device that would die by 2pm. Her previous phones went at least two hectic days on a charge.
  3. Hardware QWERTY – from experience, she’s pretty much lost with touchscreens. All that swiping and tapping takes her nowhere – or to the wrong menus. If I was getting her this device because of email and Facebook, text entry must be sweet and easy
  4. Appearance – well, it must look the part. A trendy-looking, classy-looking device
  5. Cost – yes; it must not cost an arm and a leg. This device was supposed to be an experiment to see whether given the right tool, she would adapt. If this worked out fine, I would be very willing to splash out on a more expensive device for her

So, those were pretty much the factors that I juggled in mind in approaching this very difficult problem. Plus, it was almost embarassing that the wife of a mobile web nut like I am goes for months without logging into Facebook or checking her Yahoo mail (for all those of you who had requested her FB friendship, sent a message or mailed her and didn’t get a response until recently, now you know why). Eventually, I did make a choice. And so far, that choice seems to be working. Perhaps its still the euphoria? Is this a crush that my wife has for her new toy or is this the start of the making of an epic?

Oh, yes; the phone? 😀

A Standing Ovation Please
My madam’s new connected lifestyle was made possible by getting her a simple, non-smartphone device – The Nokia C3 running the proprietory S40 operating system. That’s it? yes; that’s it.

Don’t tear your hair out (at least not yet). The solution works. Or is working. Or appears to be working.

Now, you know what to get your wife (or, God forbid, husband) if you’d like to gently prod her into hopefully becoming a hopeless mobile internet addict like yourself.


  1. Well, my Physics teacher used to tell me that ‘opposites attract’

    Looks like he was dead right!

    Can you imagine two nerds getting hooked up? I can NOT imagine it!

    All their children wi,bear nicknames like Nerd-ia (Nadia), Ericsson (Eric), RootKit (Ruth), Hack (Hakkem)

    the couples are likely tp have meals of amala & gbegiri with the left hand (despite not being ambidextrous) while the right hand is busy swyping on their weapon of-disCONNECTION with their bluetioth headset (permanently clamped on) preventing any heart-to-heart talks.
    The children are likely to be reprimanded , for wrong doing, in this disconnected overconnected family -via text messages!
    There is likely to be an absence of writing tools in such a home since everything is scribbled, text or emailed on their phones.

    There is likely to be very high incidence of malaria in that household! Why? Absence of old newspapers to swat and kill the gluttonous mosquitoes (as all newspapers would be read on-net with no old ones available in the home)

    In the case of disagreements/ misunderstanding, apologies are likely to be emailed to the partner, rather than spoken!

    all-in.-all, a household of two techimaniacs- joined together in. ‘domesticated network’ – is of no good to society!

    Let one be crazy -for technology. And the other? Insouciant over techno-topics!

  2. I also recommended the c3 for my mum, she bought it n has since been emailing, chatting n is even contemplating joining facebook! Can u just imagine that… The c3 is a great device for the above mentioned tasks… I’m glad i was able to convince her not to get a bb because of simple functions like email or chat

  3. @ eyebeekay, what an hilarous take on an otherwise serious issue…..am seriously laughing my butt off right now……

  4. This should be an eye opener for all those rushing to join the bb wagon. push email and around-the-clock chat need not dig holes in ones pocket……The C3 can handle both perfectly well. I had a first hand feel of one that belongs to my cousin. My verdict: well, it is a no frills, no thrills phone that is also pleasing to the eye. The only downside to it is its lack of multi tasking.

  5. ok oga yomi, i see the koko-get c3 nokia fone for tech hesitant nerd inetia women.hmn i am thinking of my woman-she hates facebook.
    oga yomi,pls you didnt tell us which network you put in the phone

  6. She’s using it with the only GSM number that she’s ever owned – an Airtel line.

    Waoh. This is very much unlike someone I know who has used just about every leading cellular network in Nigeria. Opposite poles really do attract.

  7. I pitch my tent with EyeBeeKay.

    With singular exception of my wife who is having an uphill battle with the Samsung corbytxt i just gave her, the rest of us are almost as he visualized above. We are becoming…. almost “internet accessories”

    God help us.

  8. The first info i extract here is that the easiest way online is through a mobile device.
    I sure noticed a great change when i bought my wife Nokia 5230, she is now so much into browing and in love with tablets.

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