Rock star Mobilista, Olamide (not the musician, though she is a big fan), narrated how her phone ‘factory reset’ itself in her pocket one night

How Olamide lost photos and music on her phone at Christmas

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Rock star Mobilista, Olamide (not the musician, though she is a big fan), narrated how her phone ‘factory reset’ itself in her pocket one night in December. As a result, she lost all the wonderful pictures she took at an event. Thankfully, according to her, she backed up her pictures the previous day, so she had a few backup files. Unfortunately, she also lost all her music files that were on the phone. This was the look on her face after the occurrence:


Daffy Duck things, methinks!

Daffy Duck

See the resemblance? Tehehe. Anyway, another mobilista shared how his daughter entered the wrong passcode into her mum’s iPhone and wiped out everything. In this case though, Apple had everything on the phone backed up to iCloud and all lost files got restored shortly after.

Think Cloud Backup
To make sure that you do not lose important files in a freak smartphone accident, I recommend that you think cloud backup. Subscribe to a cloud storage service and backup regularly. Possible solutions include: Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, and Box, among others.

On Windows Phone, Microsoft gives you free space on OneDrive. Subscribe, sign in and turn on Camera Upload. Your photos get backed up as you take them. Tgere is no built-in way to backup other type of files yet, but you can use a 3rd party app like OneSync to run auto backups from your device to OneDrive. This is available for Android and iOS too. You can backup your text messages too. Go to: Settings -> System -> Messaging and turn on Text backup.

On Android phones, Google offers auto backup of your photos and videos. Open the Google Photos app on your mobile device. At the top left, touch the menu icon. Select Settings > Back up & sync. At the top, switch it on or off. You can also backup your app data, wi-fi passwords and other settings, so you can easily setup your devices with minimal fuss. Settings -> Backup & reset -> Back up my data.

Just like with Windows Phone, auto backup of other types of files isn’t built into Android OS, so you will need a 3rd party app to get it done. Run a search in Play Store and you will come up with a handful.

On the iPhone, activate your iCloud backup service to have your files backed up. I haven’t owned an iPhone in years, so I’m a bit stale on the full extent of what iCloud backs up. But a Google search will help you out.

Backup. Backup. Backup!
If your files are important to you, setup a backup system today and save yourself making a face like Olamide’s. Yes; she is going to kill me for this post, but you’ve got my back; right? You will back me up. Yup; Olamide, bring it on! I’ve got backup. I’m glad she did have a wonderful Christmas despite the setback of losing her most recent photos. Thank the gods of mobile for backup. Hohohoho!

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  1. I knew Lammy looked like a duck, I couldn’t figure out which one. Thanks!

    The one bugbear I have about Android is the inability to back up everything and restore from the cloud, which usually makes it a pain when changing devices.

    Even if you don’t backup your iOS device via iCloud, you can do so via iTunes. A work colleague thought he’d lost his phone, an iPhone 4. He had it from new and had never backed it up in all that time. He’d recently returned from holiday and was devastated at the thought of losing all of his photos. Thankfully the phone was returned to him but I think he’s learned his lesson and as soon as he got home he backed it up on iTunes (said it took ages lol)

  2. backups are very important. doesn’t have to be to the cloud though. you can backup your files to other devices (typically laptops/PCs) or external storage devices

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