I welcomed the recent BlackBerry update with some anticipation, partly because I was looking forward to a fix for the screen flickering that started

How OS 10.3.1779 update is messing up my BlackBerry Passport

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BB10 10-3-1-1779-Passport

I welcomed the recent BlackBerry update with some anticipation, partly because I was looking forward to a fix for the screen flickering that started on my Passport with the earlier version 10.3.1 update. While, it seems that the flickering has indeed been fixed, there are other issues that the update has triggered. Here are the two three that I have observed on my own device:

  1. the hotspot function on my Passport is now comatose. No matter how much I try, it doesn’t come on until I have restarted my device. The next time I need to use it again, I have to restart the phone again. I use my hotspot frequently on a daily basis, so this is a big blow right now.
  2. My battery now drains faster. For example, I went to bed last night with battery at 70% and woke up this morning to find the battery nearly empty and the battery icon blinking red. The Passport has had incredible battery life before now. There was no way it could ever have drained of power like this in idle mode.
  3. A third issue, which is tied to the battery drain actually, is that my Passport now warms up significantly even when idle. Sigh.

Meanwhile, many other BlackBerry 10 users are complaining of tons of different issues with this update. Too many issues. The comments on this post are replete with complaints too. If you are yet to update your BB10 to this version, I advise you to hold off for now. Wait till there is a newer version available.


  1. You may need to revert to the last update for the problem to solve and probably wait the next update which may correct this.

    I once had issue with my Q5 after an update. I was advised to revert to previous OS or update to the leak version of 10.3 then.Using a laptop I went back to previous update before which made it to become normal again.However with the latest update. Now I encounter no problem any more.So sorry.

  2. The second update was automatic. I wasn’t even asked if i wanted it. Though i have not observed any issue yet. I use a Z30

  3. Sulaiman,

    You can disable automatic updates by going to Settings -> Software updates -> Options (at the bottom of the screen) -> use the toggle

  4. I don’t know what you have running on your passport Mr Mo but my battery is good. I would hv commented last night but I had to wait till this morning to double-check. And I didn’t plug my phone or anything, yet, I still have 62% left since full charge at 7pm last night. And I’m on 3g/2g network mode.

    I’m guessing you have some other battery draining culprits on your phone.

    By the way, I might have experienced the phone seriously heating up thing. One time, I almost panicked that phone will poof. I had to shut down for about 5 mins and everything went back to normal.

    Passport is still one of the most capable smartphones out there. Only drips I have is with the size.


  5. I’m guessing you have some other battery draining culprits on your phone.

    You guessed wrong. I don’t. I haven’t installed any new apps on my Passport since the update.

  6. The Battery problem started with the update before this one for me.. it has gone down from 12-15 hours to barely 6!!

    I have tried to disable some apps from running in the background.. but still doesnt help.. I have 97% battery now and the device monitor expects a 4 hour life..

    I dont know where they went wrong

  7. I have a Passport. With the previous update I got the screen flickering issue. With this latest update, that issue seems to be solved but now the battery drains considerably faster. I haven’t noticed an overheating problem and haven’t checked the hotspot feature but these 10.3.1… versions are totally fucked up. I’m going back to the latest 10.3.0… release.

  8. My BBM and some Apps have been disabled and don’t function properly with my Z10 after this update. I also had it update automatically (thanks for the tip to turn that off) and now my phone is buggy as all hell. I also had serious problems with my phone not connecting after I make a call and dropping my call with an error message. Has there been an update since this one or should I go back to another OS?

  9. Hey guys. Whenever a new OS is updated all the content has to get indexed all over again. I notice after any update my battery will drain after in a quarter of the time. After about 2 days everything always go back to normal. I researched this and it’s normal.

    Remember when windows would index files? Constant hard drive paging is occurring. Be patient. I was fine on this update for 3-4 months then the freezing of the hub “Google swiping upper right corner of hub 4 times to reset.” that fixed my hub issues when it was stuck, but then when closing apps my passport freezes for 0.5- 5 seconds occasionally. New update is out that should fix this. Happy blackberrying!!! Love the passport regardless.

    On an ending note I feel sorry for my boy with the BlackBerry Classic. His freezes for 20 seconds after closing apps. Lol!

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