How OS updates work on Windows 10 Mobile

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One of the concerns of smartphone enthusiasts is whether or not their smartphones will be able to receive regular software updates whenever the OS maker makes them available. On Windows Phone 8.1 and earlier, network operators (carriers) had control over whether or not devices on their networks got OS updates. With Windows 10 Mobile, Microsoft has addressed this problem.

Microsoft is able to bypass network operators and push software updates directly to your Windows 10 Mobile device. This means that W10M users can expect drama-free update experiences.

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  1. Okay, let me ask this; has Windows 10 Mobile been officially launched yet? I’m presuming it was supposed to be this month (it was obviously deferred from November). I ask because no one I know seems to have received the update. They’ve received AN update but it wasn’t Windows 10 Mobile. So we’re basically still relying on networks to push the updates…and we’ve got a few days left in December. Not encouraging

  2. They will still need the network operators to make things work out fine. All the ‘push updates’ directly to phone users will not get them anywhere and might not get them into the good books of some phone makers especially the Chinese

  3. How many Chinese makers are manufacturing Windows phones to date? I can’t see how pushing updates directly to the phone will significantly impact them. As it was before, updates filtered out into different regions and it was no biggie with network operators, especially if your device was unlocked.

    Microsoft’s aim is one unified experience across Windows Phones, which is why many of the previous Nokia apps merged with their Microsoft equivalent. It means whether you use a Blu or Huawei Windows phone, you should get the same experience and hopefully, updates at the same time.

  4. Microsoft has pushed back the release of W10m to early next year.

    I’ve been rocking W10m on my L640XL for some weeks now being a Windows insider.

    I tried several times to up update without success then one morning I was welcomed by W10m on my phone. Effortlessly my phone autoupgraded overnight.

    Been enjoying it since then. Bliss!

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