9pay is a service offered by Novacrest in partnership with 9mobile and UBA to allow Nigerians make Google Playstore purchases of apps, games and multimedia.

How reliable is 9pay for Google PlayStore purchases?

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9pay is a service offered by Novacrest in partnership with 9mobile and UBA to allow Nigerians make Google Playstore purchases of apps, games and multimedia. A user’s experience has called into question the reliability of the service.

9pay Google PlayStore purchases

Jemila funded her 9Pay account with her debit card, as required, then proceeded to attempt to make a PlayStore purchase with it, and it was then that the troubles started.

I asked her to share her story, and she did:

I was playing a game, and needed to buy pocket of diamonds, but my debit card would not register. I saw the option of 9pay and I decided to try it. I thought it was going to take money from my airtime since I saw 9 and felt it was related to 9mobile. I use the 9mobile network.

When it asked me to fund the wallet, I went ahead and did that with my card details. I received a debit alert from my bank. I then tried to make the payment on the app and it was still saying that the wallet was not funded. I checked the wallet and it still said zero balance. That’s when I started looking for ways to reach anybody at their end.

I trusted the platform because it came from Google play. I normally wouldn’t.

Jemila tried the support lines available with no success. I personally called the support line listed on the 9pay website. The system responded to say that the number was not allocated to a subscriber. The Twitter handle specified on the 9Pay website does not exist either.

On my recommendation, Jemila later tweeted at 9mobile about this issue and the handle responded, asking her to email a specified Novacrest support account. She did but got no response to her email.

Till the time of this article, neither 9mobile nor 9pay has contacted Jemila with any information to resolve this issue. It has been over 24 hours since she first tried to reach 9Pay.

Ghost Customer Support

As we say in tech, “Shit happens”. Anything depending on technology is bound to run into one issue or the other. What is unacceptable is how none of 9pay’s listed support channels work.

A user with complaints is unable to reach anyone within the organisation. Anyone. In one tweet, she has wondered if 9pay isn’t a scam, and justifiably so.

If 9pay is unreachable, its partners must step in to right this wrong. In this case, that would be 9mobile and UBA. Or else, the partnership itself becomes questionable.

Has anyone here had issues with 9pay and got them resolved? If so, through what channels? Is there anyone reading this who works at 9pay and can help correct this wrong?

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  1. I haven’t used this 9Pay but recently I used First Bank Naira MasterCard to pay for Poweramp app on Google PlayStore , payment was successful without using USA address or VPN.

  2. I have exactly the same issue with 9pay. Needed to buy an app and funded the wallet, yet unable to pay. Their support is never available. Wondering if its a scam. Tried to transfer my funds 3k back into my account but got a message that I have insufficient fund to take the action. Can’t fathom this at all

  3. Hi Tinuola,

    Thank you very much for sharing your experience using the 9pay platform.
    Please accept our sincerest apology that the service did not live up to your expectations.
    However, It would be my utmost pleasure to help you resolve this issue as soon as possible.

    Kindly send your complaint(s) via email to support@9pay.com.ng or chat us up on http://www.9pay.com.ng and we will get back to you promptly.

    Please give us another chance to make things right, It will be an honor to serve you again.

    -Kristin, 9Pay

  4. I tried making a monthly subscription renewal for Boomplay. I was charged 504 naira on 9Pay yet the subscription did not reflect. I was still told by Boomplay that I am unsubscribed for this month. I tried three times and was charged 504 naira three times.
    I was able to use my Boomplay coins to subscribe for Boomplay tonight after the above method was proved ineffective.
    These people are scammers. I can’t get through to them through their email address or contact number.

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