How Samsung is dropping the ball in the Nigerian smartphone market

Samsung are the guys behind the wonderful high-end Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series that have captured the hearts and minds of fans worldwide. We can not doubt the quality or price of their devices at the high-end segment. Judging from their performances, features, warranties and guarantees, you’re getting every penny of what you pay for when you buy those flagship devices.

Samsung have made a name for themselves in Nigeria. People associate the brand and their devices as premium. They’re literally the pinnacle of Android devices in Nigeria and worldwide. Samsung is top dog at the top, and in turn, the sometimes the gullible public associate any Samsung device to be good – after all it is Samsung. But more and more, users are catching on, and it is reflecting in their purchasing choices.

Samsung has been too relaxed at the low end, releasing devices with mediocre specs at higher prices. And the likes of TECNO, Innjoo, Infinix, Gionee are eating the Samsung cake not just in Nigeria, but in many parts of the world, especially in the criteria of value-for-money at the bottom of the pyramid. In Ghana, for example, TECNO has the smartphone market cornered. Samsung is third in line.

This is 2015 and Samsung is still releasing a device like the Samsung J1 with 512 MB RAM!! What the!! To be sure, other big name brands are just as guilty. Sony is a case in point. They don’t get it, or they are unable to make the change. Competing brands are churning out devices with quad-core processors and 1GB RAM at similar price points. That is much better performance. Guess where the consumer’s cash goes.

Jumia Megathon Deals

An example I will present was what happened during the recent Jumia Mobile Megathon. I was impressed with every other manufacturer that participated – even Apple that is much maligned as stingy and elitist gave away their expensive devices for 50% off. The screenshot above is the device Samsung gave away in the Megathon deal. The Samsung Galaxy Star 2 Plus has no 3G, carries just 512 MB RAM and 4GB internal memory for 17k. Beside the Samsung, we had an Innjoo with 2GB RAM, 16 GB internal memory, and far better specs.

Who in his right mind would have bought the Star Plus 2 where there were other much better performing devices going for the same price? SMH.

Samsung Galaxy Star 2 Plus

Samsung needs to wake up and step up. They either shelve their low end devices or get on with the revolution in that segment of the market. Consumers have plenty of other options already should they not. As Mister Mo says, the battle in emerging markets will be won and lost at the bottom of the pyramid.

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