How the smartphone platforms stood at end of Q1 2015

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I was taken aback yesterday when the statement I made about Windows Phone having more marketshare than BlackBerry was challenged. You see, Windows Phone has had far more marketshare than BlackBerry for so long that I assumed everyone knew. Apparently, I assumed wrong.

From IDC, here is a summary of how the various smartphone operating systems stand in the global market as at end of Q1 2015:

  1. Android: 78%
  2. iOS: 18.3%
  3. Windows Phone: 2.7%
  4. BlackBerry: 0.3%
  5. Others (Sailfish, Firefox, Tizen, etc): 0.7%

Android has the overwhelming lead, followed distantly by iOS in 2nd place. Windows Phone is in 3rd place, and as small as its share is, it still has far more market share than BlackBerry, Tizen, Sailfish and Firefox all put together. To paint the picture well, Windows Phone has 9 times the marketshare of BlackBerry. There is no contest.

Now, you know.

  1. mr Mo. this is a worldwid analytics, it is really really different from the nigerian market. I can imagine if IDC wants to rate Tecno and Infinix their ranking would be quite low, however we both know that these are the giants in Nigeria, so yeah maybe the world has this figures but in Nigeria neeeh I beg to disagree

  2. mr Mo. this is a worldwide analytics, it is really really different from the nigerian market.


    Re-read my quote and article. Nothing in there referred to the Nigerian market. It was an article about Microsoft and Windows Phone globally. I wasn’t referring to the Nigerian market. Should I have used Nigerian stats for an article about a global event?

  3. I apologize. I too was shocked when I googled windows phone market share. It is comforting to see am not the only one who is shocked about it.

  4. no mind Nigerians wey na used aka 2nd hand blackberrys wey deem dey look/buy, thinking tis affecting the market share. even at that, windows phone is miles ahead. above statistics aside, tot twas visible to the blind.

  5. Good point there, Ehis.

    When marketshare is computed globally, it is official sales of new devices that is counted. You hear “Brand X shipped and sold so-and-so number of phones.”

    Fairly used sales don’t count. However, because Nigerians hoard figures, we hardly have a true representation of sales here.

    In light of that, I really wonder how BlackBerry and Windows Phone stand in terms of sales of new devices in Nigeria.

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