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How time flies: iPhone keyboard now regarded as worst across platforms?

Back in 2007, the iPhone’s keyboard was fresh and was generally considered much better than what the competition offered. It was the smartphone keyboard to beat. Fast forward seven years to 2014, and from what I read in discussions on forums and blog comments, the iPhone keyboard seems to be generally regarded as the worst now.

iPhone keyboard

This morning again, I ran into one such discussion on a blog that did a review of the new Word Flow feature on Windows Phone’s keyboard. I have used it myself on Big Red, and it is amazing what Microsoft has done with a keyboard that was already very good. You know, people were going on about how surprised they were to find Word Flow much better than Swype and SwiftKey on Android, and then someone mentioned the iOS keyboard:

iOS keyboard is probably the worst

It’s not that hard to be better than the iOS keyboard. I hate having to use it when I’m using my iPad mini or iPod Touch. I much prefer Swype.

And others took it up from there. An interesting comment started with “When it came out in 2007, it wasn’t bad…” True too. It just is a case of a constantly and speedily evolving ecosystem. It looks like while other platforms improved on their keyboards, the iOS keyboard has basically remained unchanged. Like I keep saying, no-one stays on top forever. But hey, others have expressed their opinions. What’s your take on the iPhone keyboard from 2007 to now?


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3 thoughts on “How time flies: iPhone keyboard now regarded as worst across platforms?”
  1. Back then I just used it without much thought. Later, samsung keyboards were cool. But when I came on Lumia, I was completely blown away. Feather touch, intuitive, etc… It could predict a whole sentence as soon as I type the first word. Totally cool if U ask me

  2. Since I started using Swype on symbian in 2011, I’ve detested all tap keyboards. Swyping was awesome in android and meego too.

    One major gripe I had with WP8 was the keyboard. It may have been good in prediction, but I seriously detested the tapping. The fact that I tolerated it for more than a year is a testament to how much I liked WP8. Now I’m glad WordFlow is here. I’m eagerly awaiting it.

    As for iOS…lol! I don’t see them replacing their keyboard. Or allowing 3rd party keyboards. Although I read somewhere than Swiftkey now has an iOS version.

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