How to Activate Fingerprint Unlock with your Phone’s back camera

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On Android they say, “There’s an app for everything”. Day by day we unravel more things one can do with Android apps, and you wonder. Is there a limit to what we can do with Android apps? Let’s look at App Lock Finger Print and the innovative feature is brings.


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This app makes the back camera of your phone work as a finger print scanner. How does this work? At first setup, you pick any of your hands, select a finger, and it takes a series of shots. From these shots, the app then collates your actual fingerprint readings, learns them, and impressively recognizes them whenever you try to use it.

Asides the fingerprint scanning, this app also features Patterns and Password PIN lock. It also supports a variety of apps which includes: SMS, Contacts, Gmail, Facebook, Gallery, Market, Settings, Calls etc. The app is free, but also has in app purchases.

Get the free version HERE and the paid version for $1.99 HERE.


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  1. there must be some crazy algorithms in play here, photographic reconstruction isn’t easy

  2. I seriously doubt the consistency of the results achievable by the App more like a placebo effect,if you want a phone with finger print scanner,buy one..

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