Your personal data is important and should be backed up just in case something goes wrong with your phone and you need to retrieve the information. Here is how to backup data on your Android phone.

How to backup data on your Android device

Everything is about data these days. Today I will be sharing a tip on how to backup data on your Android device.


I actively use an Android phone and I pride myself in being able to manipulate it to my heart’s content. Sometimes, however, I screw things up. Of course, before I do anything that throws my phone in a boot loop, I backup all my data.

These tips cater for both normal users and more advanced users who have rooted their devices. Let’s begin.


GO Backup 

Use Go Backup to backup data on your Android phone

Skill level: Beginner to intermediate users
Size: 1.2MB


GO Backup is a free backup tool that handles data backup and restore very well on Android. The app was made by the makers of the famous Android launcher – Go Launcher EX.

It offers batch backup of your contacts, messages, logs, apps and basically all data on your Android phone. However, I just recently found out you need to have root access on your phone before you can use it to backup application data.

Why you should use it
This is a very clean uncluttered app that just does what it says in the easiest way possible. If you are just in need of something to quickly back up your data, this is your best bet.

Download Go Backup from Google Play Store

Google Contact Sync 

Skill level: Any user
Size: Comes inbuilt in Android
Price: Free

I flash my Android phone almost everyday with new ROMs or Kernels and I lose my contacts in the process. This also applies whenever I change my mobile device and I need all my 6 years+ contacts.

I use the inbuilt sync feature that comes with Android to sync all my contacts to the cloud. I just perform a restore and here is how you do it.

1. Go to Settings
2. Open Account and Sync
3. Add a Google Account
4. Tap on the account that you just added
5. Tap on Sync Contacts


After doing step 5, all your contacts have been automatically backed up to your Google account and you can access and manage it at

Remember that you have to sync periodically so that it can update your contact list with newly created contacts.

Note:This process takes approximately 1-2MB of data.

Why you should use it
This is a very effective way to backup your contacts. You can also group your contacts online.

Titanium Backup

titanium backup Skill level: Intermediary to advanced users
Size: 5.6MB


This is the most sophisticated backup app on Android with a myriad of backup options. It requires root access and it does tons of actions that other backup apps do not come close to.

You can backup System apps, new apps as they are installed and periodic automatic backup. This is hands down the best root backup app for Android and if you have a rooted Android device you should surely give it a try!

Download Titanium backup from Google Play Store

Editors note: The app below was recommended by a commenter(Noni)

My Backup

my backupSkill: Beginner to Advanced users
Size: 1.7MB
Price: Free

I have actually used this backup app a long time ago but i was just reminded by Noni in the comment section about it. The greatest thing about this app is that it does not need root access and it can backup your apps without it. The interface is not the most prettiest but it gets the work done still and you should seriously considering getting this app if the others are too difficult or confusing for you to master.

Download My Backup from Google Play Store

Google Backup

Skill: Beginner to Advanced users
Size: Built into Android OS
Price: Free

Google has since added a backup feature to Android OS. You can find it by searching for “Backup” in your Android phone settings.

It is attached to your existing Google/Gmail account. Just toggle it to activate the feature. It doesn’t backup all the data in your phone though. Rather, it automatically backs up device data,e.g. Wi-Fi passwords, call history, and app data (such as settings and files stored by apps) remotely.

It is a great tool for setting up your new device to the configuration settings you had on your previous device.


This is it, you can always drop a comment as to which backup app that you use if you are an Android user. If you use another platform a la Symbian or iOS your comments will also be appreciated.

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  1. As I don’t have a rooted phone, my preferred backup app is My Backup. I’m sure there are others that can be recommended by those of us who haven’t/don’t intend to root.

  2. I use titanium back up, it’s a brilliant app. when I flash ROMS I just install titanium backup and restore all my apps from the back up. it’s just amazing. the ability to restore app alone or app and data is great.

  3. For my contacts, call logs and SMS, I use Super Backup and it can be set to automatically back up each of these periodically either every 15 days or monthly as well as backing up manually at any time and of course it handle restoring of data as well. It is only 183KB in size.

    For apps, I use File Expert. It also does automatic backup of apps at the point of installation and of course you can also back up apps manually. You can also back up system apps and you can do all of these without root access.

  4. Hey, how’bout Blackberrys? I’ll be transiting from a Nokia to a BB soon and i’m still stumped on how to transfer my data, especially contacts, messages and calendar data. Tips’ll be appreciated please

  5. off topic but i must say this!! so i just discovered setting operamini to single column view makes comments Display in a ‘readable’ format!! Have not been reading or posting comments since MN changed the theme. It looked horrible bt just a little tweak n am back on!!!

  6. My favorite backup app is Titanium Backup. The problem with Titanium is that it requires root access. I got a new phone and i’m planning to root it anytime near.
    I’m currently using G Cloud backup that automatically transfer your information to the cloud it’s very easy to use and straight forward.

  7. That may be true. This new theme doesn’t look too good on my browser. Sometimes i have to switch UC browser to night mode before i could read anything legibly

  8. If anyone is looking for a multi platform way of backing up PIM data, you should try it supports S40, Symbian, Android and any other platform that supports syncml. It backs up contacts, sms, bookmarks, calendar.

  9. I used Backup Caretaker once and after the soothing experience decided to use it every time I need to backup if I change my device or upgrade android. It created the backup of SMS, MMS, Contacts, dictionary, alarms, system settings and Call logs.

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