The standard mobile internet configuration for GloMobile subscribers on a data plan is named GloFlat and has the following parametres: APN (access point name): gloflat

How to browse pay-as-you-go on GloMobile

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The standard mobile internet configuration for GloMobile subscribers on a data plan is named GloFlat and has the following parametres:

  • APN (access point name): gloflat
  • Username: flat
  • Password: flat

Once you exhaust your bundle plan though, you will find that you are unable to browse on a pay-as-you-go basis with the above configuration. To be able to do that (and have your browsing session billed from your airtime at 5k per second), you require the GloDirect configuration settings, as follows:

  • APN (access point name): glosecure
  • Username: gprs
  • Password: gprs

You can have both settings saved on your device if you think you will be needing both at one point or the other. Then you can switch as required.

Don’t forget, data bundles use GloFlat. Pay-as-you-browse uses GloDirect.


  1. Problem is if you have both settings on your phone, you run the risk of your phone connecting with Glo direct setting even when you have active data bundle.
    I also realised that the SIM needs to be provisioned for Glo direct before you can connect to it.

  2. Like i said in a comment on an earlier post, it is not ‘safe’ to have more than one APN setting defined on you’re phone.- reason being-you can not be sure of which setting will be used to connect (at least on symbian..)


  3. What you said may be true. But i’ve realised that it seems glo is not sincere with some of their access point issues since the free data bundle for recharge of N500 or more is not an official statement from them.

    For example i use glosecure for data bundle only while gloflat and glogwap wouldn’t even work at all. So for now, it seems that one has to do a bit of trial and error before you get whats works for you. But for me, GLOSECURE is actually what i use for data bundle.

  4. the problems mentioned by Austin & Eye.Bee.Kay must be peculiar Symbian problems because I have multiple APN settings for glo and also all the settings of all the other 3 GSM networks in the country for both my feature phone and my Android device and I select which APN to use any time which also remains selected until I change it myself.

    for the feature phone, you can set a default apn and all newly installed java app use the default apn or you can set individual java app to use any specific apn.

  5. I haven’t had this issue on my Symian smartphones. Under destinations, the option to set the order in which the APNs are tried during a connection attempt is there. Simply move your preferred APN to the top of the list, and that’s what your smartphone will attempt to use to make a connection first.

    Also in the web browser,you are ale to set an APN for default connection.

    I hava always had multiple APNs on my Symbian smartphones.

  6. To clarify,…

    even when you have set your default APN, and ordered your APNs according to your preference, an app like UC Browser would cycle through,-in situations where an APN fails to connect.

    Opera Mini does not do this, though

    So-if u want to be sure a particular APN is not used without your permission, AVOID having multiple APNs defined..

    It is safer..!

  7. @Yomi. The APN are put in order of preference. Which means if the phone tries to connect with one without success, it tries the next one. Now let’s say you have a data bundle and you’ve set gloflat as priority one. The phone tries to connect with gloflat, no success, it goes ahead to try glosecure and succeeds. It stays connected and you will not know you’re browsing pay as you go until you run out of credit. Believe me, I’ve experienced this on both my N8 and E51. What I usually do whenever I have an active data bundle is to delete glodirect.

    It is true that the browser and some applications (like joikuspot) can be set to use a particular APN, but others cannot.

    @Chineduace. I’m really surprised you use glosecure to browse on data bundle.

  8. How do i use the glosecure settings with operamini or boltbrowser on my blackberry 8520 because my comonth has expired and i can’t subscribe untill next week. I’ll like to use my free 70 mb data for browsing untill i resubscribe.

  9. Austin and EyeBeeKay,

    On my N8, under Network Destinations, I am allowed to create multiple destinations (APNs grouped together), and then choose one as Default Connection. This is the only one that all my apps use, so any APNs that I want them to use are added in this default destination. Mine is named “Internet”

    Any other APN that I do not want the phone to use are placed outside of this one, and so far, I don’t remember any app cycling outside of my default destination. Have you tried this out?

    If that doesn’t work for you, then perhaps I have only been lucky and Symbian is as bummed as some say it is?

  10. @Chineduace. Am not surprised. I use gloflat for data bundle BUT use glowap for pay as go and to access free data. As of recent, i cant use glowap to access free data and glosecure refuses to work. I have called and email customer care several times and they keep sending the glosecure setting but it refuses to work. Due to this frustration i moved over to etisalat. Now i have 24/7 3g access (something glo can not offer in my area) despite losing free data from glo (over 100mb) am happy that i get what i paid for with fast speed.

  11. @Yomi
    Cycling outside “your destination?” Probably no. Cycling within “your destination?” Definitely yes. And if you have both glosecure and gloflat within “internet destination”, applications that use internet based on “destination” as opposed to those based on specific APN, will definitely try the other one if the 1st one is not available.

  12. Austine,

    Problem solved. So, you do not need to have only one APN on your Symbian phone at a time. Move the not needed one outside of your default destination. QED.

  13. Problem solved. So, you do not need to have only one APN on your Symbian phone at a time.Move the not needed one outside of your default destination. QED

    Not so fast, bro! Problem NOT solved! Not yet uhuru!

    Take your time to read (again).


    If none of the “access points” allow the device to connect to the internet, it will bump the search to the next destination group

    A failed connection will definitely cycle outside your destination..
    In connection with this, ‘Nokia Diagnostics’ app – by Nokia Beta Labs – cycles through APNs, whether grouped or not, and identifies the first working connection – for you

  14. Have had this problem with my S60V3 overtime and its so annoying..i thought the problem is with symbian s60V3 and not newer versions…its so bad that when you switch sims, sometimes it stil tries to connect to the settings of the previous sim. You ve to create a new settings manually or switch the sims again cos even requestin a new settings doesnt change anythin..

  15. @Eye.Bee.Kay,
    on my current android phone I have both APN and it works well for me because the options are there for me. I simply go to settings and change the APN to the particular one that is relevant to me at a time, when I want to use the free data I simply change it to glosecure.

  16. i prefer other networks ‘straightforward’ APNs…mtn and etisalat in particular are not complicated at all.. Whats the need for different settings for different billing on the same network?

  17. But for yomi’s explanation i would have recommended my cheap smartphone,thats has process system resembling android system and symbian as explained by the general.ebee,why not try yomi’ phone has all glos apn.through connectivity,i control default apn seamlessly

  18. that why we must always subscribe 2 a data plan in our smartphones, putting my empty N on my E6 without a data plan it run on pay as u browse, but as for glo once it try 2 connect wit gloflat apn and no data plan it shall keep sending me anoying sms.

  19. …mtn and etisalat are .not so complicated even airtel…etisalat will even connect with other or unknown apn I dont know what is wrong with glo. Glo secure will never connect on my phone I just try it again now glo kept on sending me message to connect to hsi…I have over 30gb of unusable data. Try mtn you will never go back to glo for data but you have to pay more…

  20. hi i want to use my techno S5 to try .pls what is the process of getting it on my phone .won it affect my devices..i want to use glosecure & gloflat at a time.

  21. I don’t know why glo line is so disappointing,I’ve been trying to buy data bundle now but it keeps writing to know more about your data’s really frustrating

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