How to cancel Glo Auto Borrow for your airtime recharge

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If you need to know how to cancel Glo auto borrow because you are having issues using it, here is a quick guide to help you out.

Globacom’s Borrow Me Credit is a service that allows qualified users to request for airtime from Glo on loan when you have run out of airtime. The service allows you to borrow N50, N100, N200, N500 and N1,000 to be paid back on your next recharge within a specified period.

I have used both the manual and auto borrow aspects of the service. See my experience with the manual Borrow Me Credit here on Borrow Me Credit.

Some months ago, I decided to give the auto recharge aspect a try as well. While it works, it has one annoying weakness: many times, there is a delay in Glo’s system, and you don’t get credited with the airtime immediately. The whole idea behind auto borrow is that the user should have access to airtime when he needs it.

The delay often means that one still has to get airtime some other way first – and then the system credits your line later after the urgency is past. In other words, one is paying for a service that regularly doesn’t deliver when one requires it.

Glo BoroMe opt out - how to cancel glo auto borrow

Eventually, I decided to disable the auto recharge feature. If I really need to borrow credit, I will do it manually. Here’s what to do to opt out of auto borrow.

Updated: How to cancel Glo auto borrow

The service works around the *321# short code.

In the early days, to stop the auto recharge service, dial *321#, then press “1” for auto borrow, and then press “2” to cancel. Glo later changed the code. To do so now, simply dial *321*9*12#. You should get an SMS notifying you that you have successfully opted out of Auto Borrow service.

Don’t forget: dial *321*9*12#. That’s it. Do share this post with your friends and networks using the share buttons below.

PS: Thanks to Kadiri for the updated information.

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