How to cancel data auto-renewal on Nigerian mobile networks

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Lumia 535 update mobile data toggle

When you subscribe to a data plan on a mobile network, usually the plan is set to auto-renew every 30 days. You may want or need to cancel this auto-renew feature. Here are the steps to take for each network:

  1. Airtel: text “StopAutoRenew” to 440
  2. Etisalat: text “Stop” to 229
  3. Glo: text “Cancel” to 127
  4. MTN: text “No” to 131



  1. See I have done the above…but they continued to chop my credit…and my data. I called the network numerous times, nothing changed. In the end I took screenshorts and reported them to NCC and they FINALLY sorted themselves out.

    1. so Na NCC be d way… priciate… annoying people, why must they cheat customers more

    2. @Ehis, the annoying thing is that the network asked me silly questions like what make of phone I was using, and where I was, as if this was the reason they were chopping my phone credit.

      The NCC was a last resort. There’s a link on the NCC website to lodge complaints, and usually the network will get back to you to resolve the matter.

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