How to check BVN with your mobile phone

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Are you looking for how to check BVN when completing a form or some other formality? Here is how to do it from your mobile phone.

BVN is an acronym for Bank Verification number. Some call it “BVN Number”, which is tautology, really. There are so many numbers you are required to memorize these days, so no-one will blame you for not being able to recall your number off-head. But there is an easy way to check your Bank Verification Number using your mobile phone. Let’s show you!

What is BVN?

The Bank Verification Number is a unique identifier implemented by the central Bank of Nigeria. Each individual with one or more bank accounts  in the country is issued this unique code that is used to tie all their bank accounts together.

How to check BVN

how to check BVN fast

To check your BVN, all you need is a mobile phone. It does not have to be a smartphone. Even the lowliest feature phone will do.

You also need to make sure that the phone number you submitted for use with your BVN is the one you have active. The rest is easy.

On your phone, dial *565*0# and your Bank Verification Number will be displayed on your phone screen.

No internet access needed. No advanced smartphone required.

This code is valid for all Nigerian banks and all Nigerian mobile networks. Just dial *565*0#. Each check can cost as much as N20 though.

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