How to Convert WhatsApp Voice Messages to Text

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Whatsapp is undoubtedly one of the most commonly used mobile app on both the Android operating system and the iOS Operating system. Billions of conversational chats are exchanged between people from all over the world daily.

One of the features available on the Whatsapp chat application is the Voice Note. Popularly known as VN, this function is used to send messages to individuals or groups in the audio format.

While it always easier for the sender (because it carries all the emotions and emphasis which cannot be conveyed by mere text), it could pose as a big problem for the recipient of the message. This could be because the recipient might be in a noisy area as at the time he received the message or in an environment not conducive in general.

In such a situation, the use of Voice Note or VN (as it is popularly called) would not sound particularly interesting. But did you know there is a way to convert that Voice note message to text? Well, upon discovering this function, I tapped into its vast potentials.

This function is can only be enabled through a 3rd party app. There are a lot of these apps on play store. A very popular one is the Transcriber for WhatsApp. So all you need to do is install this app and follow a few steps. In this article, I would be taking you through some of these steps:

For Andriod

Step 1: First of all, download and install any of the Transcribers on your device.

Install Transcriber

Step 2: Open the app and swipe away the various welcome cards. Tap on “Done” in the bottom-right corner to continue.

Configure Transcriber

Step 3: Now that the Transcriber is set up, open up the WhatsApp chat where you have the voice message that you want to convert. Tap and hold on the voice message to select it. Then, tap on the share icon in the top bar. From the list of options that appear, select “Transcriber”.

Select Voice Notes and Transcriber

And that’s it. The app will now automatically convert the audio from the voice note to text and display it on the screen.

Voice Notes Converted to Text


For iOS

Step 1: To start off, download and install any Audio to Text for WhatsApp on your iPhone.

Install Audio to Text for WhatsApp

Step 2: Open the app, and grant it the permission to access speech recognition.

Open App\

Step 3: Go to your WhatsApp chat. Tap and hold on the voice note you wish to convert and select “Forward”. Once you’ve done that, tap on the “Share” icon in the bottom right.

Forward and Share

Step 4: In the list of options that pop up, select “Audio to Text”. And that’s it. The app will now automatically convert the voice note to text.

Voice Notes Converted to Text iOS

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  1. Good tip.

    It would be interesting to see just how accurate this would be, having to handle all sorts of tones, diphthongs and accents..

    Text to voice is simple. But voice to text. The AI’s have it…

  2. I like third party apps alot.

    They fill in the dots and cross the T for the mother apps

    Voice note just got more interesting

  3. Exactly Bro, I’ll have to test that. Because in the world of transcribing different accent and intonation is the issue

  4. Beautiful, it’s a nice innovation. Time to go test it. Let’s see how it handles different voices and accent.

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