If you own a mobile device and you watch YouTube videos on the go, you may want to download some of them and i’m here to quickly

How To Download YouTube Videos To Your Phone

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If you own a mobile device and you watch YouTube videos on the go, you may want to download some of them and i’m here to quickly give a brief review of major YouTube download clients on mobile operating systems.


Tubemate is my favorite Youtube download application and the reason for this is that it has several options and even a fast download mode. You can choose to download videos at different resolutions and even save a video as an mp3 file. Another reason that it is superb is that you can log in to your Youtube account and you can view and download from your subscriptions.

Download Tubemate


A very good app for downloading Youtube videos onto your Symbian S60V3&5, Belle is called Youtube Downloader(self explanatory eh). I do not use Symbian any longer but from reviews i think you should give this app a go if you use Symbian.

Download Youtube Downloader for Symbian Devices


If you use the Samsung powered Bada operating system or you use a feature phone that uses Java mobile applications, you can also grab a downloader called YourTube. It can download videos in various formats and also save videos as MP3 audio files.

Download YourTube


There is also a Youtube downloader for Windows Phone called udownldr. I read several reviews about it and i think that it is worth checking out.

Download udownldr

5. IOS

I put iOS last because all the applications that i saw to download Youtube videos required that you jailbreak your device. If you already have a jailbroken device, you can download MxTube on the Cydia store. If you have a downloader that does not require a jailbreak on your device please share.


I think this about covers all major mobile operating systems, if you have/use any other downloaders not included in this post please share them in the comments below.



  1. Nice Article, Emma. However, you’re not altogether fully correct when it comes you tube downloading iOS apps. You should try MediaBurner. Yes, you can download YouTube videos on iOS, without needing to jailbreak your device! MediaBurner does the work very very well!

    In addition, you should have informed us whether the apps you mentioned in your articles were free or paid ones. gr8 work, though!

  2. @afewgoodmen – Thanks for the suggestion sir, I don’t use iOS and all the searches I made kept on giving me apps that needed a jailbreak, again thanks. All the apps mentioned in the post are free.

  3. I have been using the tubemate on my android for a long time and its pretty easy to use. One thing I also found out is that you may need to update once available to have it download some certain videos on YouTube.

    great article Emmanuel.

  4. Checking the link you provided for the Bada/Java app ‘YourTube’ returned a zip file which did not contain a valid J2ME java app… Did u take time to check n confirm if it really works?

    For symbian, two apps goes by the name ‘Youtube Downloader’ on ovistore:
    1. Youtube Downloader by Oleg Derevenetz (compatible with my Nokia C5 & costs USD 1.59) Check http://store.ovi.com/content/68870
    2. Youtube Downloader by picobrothers (compatible only with Symbian^3-powered smartphones, free though) Check http://store.ovi.com/content/109923
    So i’ll ask which one were u refering to?

    I know one thing Mobility Blog stands for is integrity, and objective reviews based on personal experience from which, IMHO, the writer is straying though making room for additions or corrections.

    Me really think the article should have been named ‘How to Download YouTube videos to your android phone’.

  5. @biola 129

    Try renaming the original zip file jar, eg. YouTubeApp.zip to YouTubeApp.jar without first extracting it.

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