How to find your Android phone when it is on silent

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Have you ever found yourself unable to locate your smartphone because you placed it on silent mode and now you don’t remember where you left it? If your device is an Android phone, the good news is that you can make it ring out.

Android Device Manager

  1. Login to Android Device Manager on a PC or tablet browser
  2. Click on “Ring”
  3. You will get a prompt saying, “Your device will ring at full volume for 5 minutes. Press the power button to stop the ringing.”
  4. Click “Ring” below that prompt to continue.

Your phone will ring out non-stop for five minutes, so go check everywhere – bedroom, car, kitchen, etc. When you find it, press the power button to stop the ringing. We have used this here at and can testify that it works.

PS: There are other other cool stuff that you can do with Android Device Manager: Rename, Ring, Locate and Erase.

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  1. Wonderful.


    What if I don’t have a PC, or I no get light to power the PC to look for the missing phone?.

    A simpler way. Get hold of Tasker or AutomaGic app right now (before you misplace your phone). From the Google Play Store.

    It (and such automation apps) allows you to configure the phone such that the phone will ring out anyhow you wish (whether in silent mode or not) whenever an SMS with specific text comes in, or an SMS from a specific number comes in, or a call from a specific number comes in


    You text “FIND” to the Invisible phone, and it will start shrieking. Or you call it with the specific number you defined (in Tasker/Automagic), and it lets off a strident sound.

    Phone found.

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