How to Fix Black Screen on Android Phones

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Android phones are great, but they do not come without flaws. One common problem is that your Android screen goes black at random, and there could be several causes for this. Thankfully though, it’s easy to fix a black screen on Android devices.

In this article, we’ll go over all of the possible causes of the problem and then show you the easiest ways to fix a black screen on your Android device.

How to Fix Black Screen on Android Phones

Why Does my Phone’s Screen Go Black?

There are different causes of a blank phone screen, and the following are the most common:

● You’ve installed a malware that contains bugs and viruses or that is incompatible with your device

● Incompatible chargers causing insufficient charging

● The battery in your Android device is old

● Too many application caches, which could slow down Android running speed and cause the screen to go black

● Random crashes in the Android operating system 

How Can I Fix Black Screen on Android Phones?

If there’s a black screen issue with your Android device, no need to fret. You can use some of the solutions listed below to fix your Android phone’s black screen.

Perform a Malware Check

When an Android device experiences the “black screen of death,” running a malware scan can help fix the black screen. Malware can cause a variety of issues on a device, including the screen going black and the device becoming unresponsive. The device may crash or freeze as a result of some malware, which can also prevent the device from properly booting up.

On an Android device, you can check for malware through different methods, including security apps made specifically to find and remove malware. 

Update Bugged or Incompatible Apps

Updating the app to the most recent version can sometimes correct bugs and fix the black screen on Android. Updates are frequently released to address bugs and enhance the functionality of developer’s apps. Updating the apps can aid bug resolution and prevent or fix black screens.

If the black screen appears after installing a new app, uninstall it to see if it solves the problem. A new app may sometimes conflict with other apps or the phone’s operating system, resulting in a black screen.

Wipe Your Cache Partition’s Data

Another troubleshooting option to fix black screen on Android devices is to wipe the cache partition. Temporary files, including system files and app data, are kept on the device in the cache partition. These files can become corrupted or outdated over time, causing the device to malfunction. To clear the cache partition on an Android device, follow these steps:

● Turn the device off.

● The process varies among smartphones, so use the recovery mode shortcut that applies to your particular brand and model of phone. For instance, on some models, the process might require you to press and hold the Home button.

● Allow the Android system recovery screen to show up

● To select the Wipe Cache Partition option, press the power button after highlighting it with the Volume up or Volume down buttons.

● Highlight Yes and press the power button to confirm the action.

● Wait for the process to finish before selecting the Reboot System Now option and pressing the power button to restart the device.

Restore Your Device to Factory Settings

A factory reset restores the device to its default settings by erasing all user data, apps, and settings. Note that factory resets don’t always fix a black screen on Android. We only advise this method after exhausting all other options before sending your phone in for assessment.

Keep in mind that performing a factory reset will erase all personal data from the device; therefore, you should back up any crucial files before doing so to prevent data loss.

In conclusion, these suggestions will help you fix a black screen on an Android phone. Follow them correctly to get the best results.

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