How to fix insufficient space available error on your Innjoo smartphone

Like a number of other Android smartphones, Innjoo’s i1, i1s and i2 are plagued by the low memory allocation for app installation. This means that after downloading a number of apps, every time you need to download and install more apps, the phone gives you an error that there is insufficient space available.

Generic Quick Fix

No matter what kind of Android smartphone you own, you can quickly free up space on it by doing one or more of the following:

  1. Uninstall unused or less important apps from the phone
  2. Delete some files – video files are usually the heaviest, so you can start with those

For users of the afore-mentioned Innjoo smartphones, the manufacturer offers two solutions:

Emergency Solution to insufficient space available — Quick & Easy

All you have to do is download an app called Clean Master. If you are already getting the insufficient storage error, you will have to delete one app or uninstall an update to be able to install Clean Master. You can follow the instructions on how to go about using Clean Master here. Innjoo has taken down this page, but you may check google Play or Innjoo Store for Clean Master app.

insufficient space available - Innjoo flashing

Long-term Solution — Stable & Forever

A permanent solution is to update your Innjoo smartphone with an official ROM. This will enlarge the allocated app storage space to about 3GB once and for all. Problem fixed permanently. Click here and select your Innjoo model to access the software download.

A few users have done the flashing and are now happy with their smartphones. Whatever option you choose, do share your experience below.

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