Like a number of other Android smartphones, Innjoo’s i1, i1s and i2 are plagued by the low memory allocation for app installation. This means that


How to fix insufficient space available error on your Innjoo smartphone

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Like a number of other Android smartphones, Innjoo’s i1, i1s and i2 are plagued by the low memory allocation for app installation. This means that after downloading a number of apps, every time you need to download and install more apps, the phone gives you an error that there is insufficient space available.


Generic Quick Fix

No matter what kind of Android smartphone you own, you can quickly free up space on it by doing one or more of the following:

  1. Uninstall unused or less important apps from the phone
  2. Delete some files – video files are usually the heaviest, so you can start with those

For users of the afore-mentioned Innjoo smartphones, the manufacturer offers two solutions:


Emergency Solution to insufficient space available — Quick & Easy

All you have to do is download an app called Clean Master. If you are already getting the insufficient storage error, you will have to delete one app or uninstall an update to be able to install Clean Master. You can follow the instructions on how to go about using Clean Master here. Innjoo has taken down this page, but you may check google Play or Innjoo Store for Clean Master app.

insufficient space available - Innjoo flashing


Long-term Solution — Stable & Forever

A permanent solution is to update your Innjoo smartphone with an official ROM. This will enlarge the allocated app storage space to about 3GB once and for all. Problem fixed permanently. Click here and select your Innjoo model to access the software download.

A few users have done the flashing and are now happy with their smartphones. Whatever option you choose, do share your experience below.

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  2. I Regularly Use Clean Master On My Tecno Phantom A Iii… To Declutter Itm

    Sd Maid Pro Us Also Good And They Both Complimentarily Work Their Magic Better If Your Phone Is Rooted.

    Innjoo Responding To The Internal Memory Paucity Is A Good Thing And Shows That They Are A Listening Company…

  3. Done this already and I have approximately 3GB internal memory as reported. New ROM re-allocates some of that external storage to phone storage. More apps, more apps, more apps. If you’ve not bought and innJoo and you need a cheap android phone, you are missing something special. Buy one and Flash the new rom!

  4. I’m having the same problems on my techno phantom pad II G9.
    I’ve rooted and installed clean master but it shows me apps that are ‘movable’ to SD card yet I can’t move them.
    How can i fix this?

  5. Hello Emele , Since you’re rooted, install Link2SD and use it to force stubborn apps to SD card. I’ve done it successfully on Tecno M5

  6. Hello Sadiq (and every other person that can help!),
    Having issues carrying out the instructions given successfully. Under STEP 2,
    It reads:
    2. Open the folder and double click ?double click me to install Rom Flashing Drive.bat? to install Rom Flashing Drive.
    3. Then a success message will show and you can close the window.
    The challenge is once I do the double clicking, an MS-DOS window opens up and says I should press any key to continue, on doing this, the window closes without me getting any success message. When I continued with the remaining steps… Nothing happens. So I’m guessing it’s this step that has issue.

    I’m using a Windows 8 HP laptop and want to work on an InnJoo i2.

    Thanks… (Waiting in front of my laptop for a quick answer) 🙂

  7. Hi Fred, sorry for the late reply, I suspect the process may not have worked successfully, but to get to the bottom of it, u need to read the output on CMD. Easy way out, launch CMD as admin, I usually use the search space on the bottom of start menu, Windows 7, cmd icon comes up pretty fast, right click an run as admin, it opens up and ur default path is system32 folder, use cd and enter the absolute path address of the folder where u have d install.bat file. Eg cd C:/users/freddo/desktop/innjoo files/mt65xx_rom_flashing_drive, to save ur self typing stress just open the folder and click inside the address bar, copy the address and paste it in cmd after typing cd ‘space’, then simply type install.bat. Ur output will stay.

    If you don’t get the stuff above, the point is just to navigate to the folder where the install.bat file is located using cmd and running the file by typing the filename all as admin. Cheers

  8. Windows 8 is easier, just type cmd from the tiles interface and run as admin, btw how much is the i2? Had no idea it was available.

  9. Thanks Anonymous & Sadiq.

    Couldn’t get the process to work on Windows 8 but it worked in Windows 7 but I’m still not able to complete the task as I got stuck at No 9. Phone just starts charging after inserting battery.

    What can the issue be?

    Will appreciate if you can help out by chatting with me on BBM. My pin is: 7F1083BE.

    @Sadiq i2 is available on Jumia at 20k


  10. i fix my stroage issue but i faces 2 problem my mobile restart and power off atuomaticlly i request to innjoo compny please fix it and also after update bettery drain so fast i m really wried please innjoo fix it

  11. Sorry about this Hamid. Which of the products do you own? It’s sad but the response level from InnJoo is quite slow and sometimes non-existence! Been trying to get them to answer a few questions for about 5 days now but nothing forthcoming… I’ve tweeted, posted on their FB page, sent an email… Response is O!

  12. Thanks for this article. I try it on my i1s and it was successful. But I have a problem, wat really happen is this; in the process of upgrading it, my airtel line was inside the phone and after i finishing the process, i discover my airtel is no longer working in the phone. I cant received call or make call or sms. Please help me out ooooooo

  13. Hello Bamidele, try inserting the Airtel sim on another phone, let’s know it it will work. Also is it only the Airtel line that’s affected? What of your other lines?

  14. I tried the airtel sim on another phone and it work fine, i used to make call, received and sms too. But wen i insert ed it back to the i1s phone again, it didnt work work. Other sim work work on it but no airtel line work on the innjoo phone again.

  15. I eventually did this on my i2 today but since then (6 hours) now my Airtel which is my primary data SIM presently hardly worked – browsed! I thought maybe it was the network but on getting home I inserted the same line into my abandoned Nokia X and tethered it and now I can browse without issues on the i2. I think this storage update has brought along with it newer and more serious issues! Chai, na who send me message oh…

  16. Hello Sadid
    I am Having issues carrying out the instructions given successfully. Under STEP 2,
    It reads Open the folder and double click double click me to install Rom Flashing Drive.bat to install Rom Flashing Drive.
    Then a success message will show and you can close the window.
    the problem is that a window opens up and says I should press any key to continue, on doing this, the window closes without me getting any success message. When I continued with the remaining steps i m not successful with it.
    and i also tried the solution u gave above but its still same problem….
    pls sadiq kindly help me out.

  17. @Elroy Chibex its window 7::::::pls explain beta to me
    i have all the files downloaded already>>>>>> buht i m having that problem in the first step
    waiting for ur reply oh!

  18. pls i am waiting for the response
    add me on bbm 79AAE5DB
    on whatsapp 08095273820

  19. Hello Olamide, tweet @ me @KayAkinrelere to let me know if you still need help. If you’re yet to resolve this I’ll add you to my BBM and we can go through the steps together later today Sunday 19th, between 4 – 6pm. I’ve done this on 4 InnJoo phones already. Cheers.

  20. Hello Fred Akinrelere
    Pls add me up on bbm…. I still need much of ur help???? 79AAE5DB

  21. Pls ao do i hard reset my injoo i2 with bottons coz i forgot my password n my data is nt on please i hope to read back as fast as possible tnks

  22. i tried to upgrade my i1s with sp flash tools but it give error in middle after connecting phone with pc and now it is not even turning on 🙁 ..can u help me to recover my phone

  23. This Innjoo phone came @ a very affordable price & also with a very big wahala as i can see many issues that you guys are facing here!….

    I have a very cute rewiew abt the fone dat got most of my friend to buy it,… I had storage issues too I already get all the files i need for the upgrade on my i1s, but now am not sure to continue the process!
    cus i have root mine & flexing GLO BIS 3GB a month on it.

    but the one i bought recently has alredy been flashed with 3GB space & it wored fine only that the battery dosent last.

  24. please i am having issues booting my injoo 1is fone. when press the power button d injoo icon comes on but the fone doesnt start. what can i do?

  25. i can’t even find where to fix the external memory.
    how can i do it to expand it from 16GB internal to 32GB external?

  26. hello guys I have been unable to expand my internal memory on i1s because I can’t even access the link you gave
    kindly help if you already have what I need to flash the phone

  27. How have you guys been able to overcome the calling sounds wahala associated with Injoo i1s? What earpiece are you using on it?

  28. kindly help me I having problem … my set injoo i2 is not connecting to pc after reset

  29. hello guys, I expanded the internal memory successfully but seems the firmware is a bit buggy cos some apps don’t even work. How can I expand the internal memory without altering the firmware or how can I restore the phone back to the way it was initially? Thanks. Treat as Urgent.

  30. Hello, i think you people need to reconsider your priorities before putting your hard earned money to waste. I have had my Innjoo Fire for almost two months now and trust me, personally i don’t like it. First to mention, i don’t think the camera is really meant for the African market coz it doesn’t offer one the natural colors and the phone itself keeps going off while texting.

  31. The Dawn, If you want special camera effects, download Camera 360 app. As for the rebooting, I suggest you reset your phone to factory settings

  32. I have a little challenge wif my innjoo fire wen I connect with my stereo system it doesn’t play into d stereo

  33. I think you have to set the stereo to play through AUX or check the cable you’re using to connect it

  34. the specifications look good but the product itself does live up to stand the test of time because they keep on having issues and have no service center to help out.

  35. plz tell me the injoo i1 pin code for factory reset plz urgent?my phn is hanging and lots of appl installing

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