I have spent the last few weeks using the popularly published method of forcing the Windows Phone 7.8 update, without success. Last night alone, I

How to force the Windows Phone 7.8 update

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Windows Phone 7.8 update available

I have spent the last few weeks using the popularly published method of forcing the Windows Phone 7.8 update, without success. Last night alone, I tried that popular Connect-Disconnect-After-3/5-Seconds trick about twenty (20) times and failed every single time. Then, I decided to hunt out alternative methods to force the update. Well, I ran into one, and within a few minutes, I had completed the two update cycles that brought my Lumia 610 up to Windows Phone 7.8.

If you have a Windows Phone 7 smartphone with you and want a taste of v7.8, follow these steps:

  1. Disable WiFi and mobile data on your phone
  2. Connect the phone to your PC, and launch Zune
  3. Launch your PC’s Task Manager (Ctrl + Alt + Del) and select the Networking tab
  4. Close all other apps that might be downloading data. The Network tab will indicate 0% if you have done this
  5. In Zune, click on Update in Settings -> Phone, and look at the Networking tab. Whenever the graph spikes to 25% (for Mobile Broadband Connection) or 0.5% (for Wireless Network Connection), disconnect. Zune will indicate that an update is available
  6. Reconnect, click Update and follow through with the update process

Like I mentioned earlier, two update cycles got me to WP 7.8. after each update, disconnect your phone from the PC and reconnect again to repeat the above steps. The final OS build is 8858, so if you are not seeing that yet, keep updating till you get that build. After the two updates that bumped my Lumia to v7.8, a third one named “Nokia Update for Windows Phone” popped up, and I processed that too. This update added the Nokia-specific improvements and additions like Ringtone Maker, Bluetooth Share, and Camera Extras.

Windows Phone 7.8 In brief

Here are the features that Windows phone 7.8 brings to the party:

  • Resizable Live Tiles
  • 20 Theme Colours
  • Rotating Bing Lock Screen Images

I shall be busy playing with my brand new device for a while and bring you those reviews, rants and features that you so love to read. It is going to be an exciting weekend after all!


  1. Of course, it is not about me, but the only feature that I think is what mentioning on this update is the resizable tile feature and for all those hazzles, is it worth it at all? I don’t think so.

    As long as I’m concerned, these Windows Phone updates on the 7.x devices are mere update placebos designed to keep the Windows Phone 7.x owners from feeling left out of the party. I mean, series of updates just to make the device have a feel of resizable tiles? The hazzles are not worth it. But again, it is not about me.

  2. Yes; Harry; it ain’t about you. The resizable tiles may seem like a small thing, but the huge usability improvement it brings to the Windows Phone home screen makes it worth it.

    As always, you need to have a hands-on to be able to appreciate it. But then again, it is not about you.

  3. we often make the mistake of assuming that the latest is necessarily better.

    experience proves this is not always the case.

    updating the firmware, just for the sake of updating, without necessarily bringing anything worthwhile to the table is a waste of (precious?) time.

    unlesss an update offers
    specific WORTHWHILE improvements to a device, it maiy not be worth this desperation to to update!

    I tried that
    popular Connect-Disconnect-
    After-3/5-Seconds trick about
    twenty (20) times and failed
    every single time.

    twenty times? ha!

    even with that, i would wait to have feedbacks before updating.

    a good instance is the ICS update for the Sony Ericsson xperia pro that brings mire headaches than the anticipated benefits. i am staying put with the the stock Gingerbread 2.3.4.

    but then, different folks, different strokes.

  4. even with that, i would wait to have feedbacks before updating.

    This update has been out for weeks, with plenty of feedback available all over the internet.

  5. I just hope the new generation wp8 devices will get at least two major updates before they will be told that they are not eligible.

    Its quite painful, Microsoft needs to carry OEM along properly.

  6. Dude, you are genius….your Task manager trick for force updating to WP7.8 saved time as well as a lot of frustration.
    Thank You

  7. Hi, nyc posts, I use a samsung windows phone(running on 7.5). Can I force d update without avin ma phone welcome screen changing from samsung to nokia?

  8. emma,

    The update is from Microsoft. Nothing from your manufacturer on your phone will change, so do go ahead and get your device updated. Cheers.

  9. En mi caso el aviso de actualizacion funciono, pero fue hasta que reconecte la red de mi PC, es decir, al ver que se estaba tardardo demasiado y no mostraba el aviso decidi reconectar la PC.

  10. A big thank you for helping. Managed to finally force the updates on my Nokia 610.
    May I add that the final version is now 8862. It came on its own, without any “force” after the “Nokia update”.

  11. ATTENTION>>> IT DOES WORK. My fast internet made for quick replys “up to date” OR “unable to update” what i did..LUMIA 610

    Put it in airplane mode,and get the message “phone up to date” then click any option below/above.. NOW click update and with 2/3/? however turn ons/offs it takes to make the search take

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