Last night, my pal, Africanomist retweeted a hilarious story by one Temitope to my timeline. In the story, Temitope played a big prank on his

How to freak out your family with the LG G2

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Last night, my pal, Africanomist retweeted a hilarious story by one Temitope to my timeline. In the story, Temitope played a big prank on his dad with the LG G2. I have reproduced everything here in story format for your rib-cracking pleasure. I insert a few comments of mine too.

## Story Begins ##

Something hilarious happened last night. I woke up laughing and I think you all deserve to laugh, too.

So I got the new LG G2 and in my opinion, it bests the Galaxy S4. I was going through its awesome features when I realised it came with a freaking Universal remote (controls TVs, DVDs, Airconditioners and shit). I was in awe. After I try it out on all the TVs in the house, I waltz into Dad’s room. He’s just there, lying down, watching that crappy Africa magic. So I sync the phone to the TV without a sweat.

I turned off the TV and my Dad looks at me, sees just a phone in my hand, looks back at his hand to see the TV remote. So he assumes his hand slipped. He turned it back on and continued watching. I turned it off. He turned it back on again. I turned that shit off.

Dude says, “Ahn ahn… Kilon shey TV yii ke?”

He turns it on again. Then I change the station. LMAO. Daddy steps back like he’s seen a ghost. He says the problem is from the living room, so we go together. We get there, he approaches the TV. Before he gets a chance to turn it on with the remote, I turn it on for him. My dad steps back, bewildered. He looks at the TV from a distance, he stretches his remote to change it, I change it for him. At this point, my old man says, “Tope, please go and get your mother.”

“Now, that’s a first. Usually, it is the mother who gets confused with household electronics and sends for her husband.” – Mo

I run into the passage holding my laugh. I’m about to explode inside. When I get to mum’s room, she’s sleeping. So I go back to tell him. Dad says we should sit down and wait for the TV to malfunction again. He says maybe it’s the weather. I say, “Ah, maybe o.”

He just sits there, staring intently at the TV. Waiting for it to make its next move. At this point, my Dad is so scared and clueless.

LG G2 troll

I turn it off again and he stands up and from the couch and says he’s going to sleep. I run into my room, laughing.

I’m just here, wondering how my own kids will get me back for this.

“His kids will figure out holographic projections before him and have “ghosts” chase him around the house at midnight.” – Mo

Meanwhile, it’s to go around Nigeria changing people’s TV channels, switching off Air-conditioners and shit.

LG G2: The trolling phone. Be afraid, nigga.

## Story Ends ###

Now, if I ran LG’s marketing department, we would take this story and make a video out of it and put it out on YouTube. Bang! Viral! Meanwhile, I would love to get my hands on a G2 and prank out Mrs. Mo. Oh sugar!

Thanks to Temitope for this brilliant one!


  1. I did this with my Nokia 6600 ages ago, it’s a pity that blogging wasn’t so popular then.

  2. LOL!!!!! This is fregging hilarious, I wouldn’t try that in my house tho cos mum would just pour a bucket of annointing oil on the tv and we’d be back to the cupboard-style of television set.

    Just went through his twitter timeline and found some rib cracking tweets also. Guess the fun doesn’t end here.

    Back to this post, I really need a phone like this for all dem niggaz who would be turning up their A/Cs to the highest forgetting that one is nigerian! Kmt!

  3. Hillary_Clintonous

    Another corpse in the cemetery of gadgets losing relevance to onslaught of mobile phones..

    Universal remote controllers.

  4. Same here! Momma will anoint and exorcise the TV with beatings. Thanks to this I’m going to figure out how the IR Blaster on my Note works. But if momma wrecks the TV set, I aint confessing sh*t

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