Recently, some friends of mine, Twitter followers and couple of my colleagues mentioned to me the MTN app developer challenge. I thought it was a brilliant idea,…

How to get 1,000 app downloads in 2 weeks or less!

Recently, some friends of mine, Twitter followers and couple of my colleagues mentioned to me the MTN app developer challenge. I thought it was a brilliant idea, but my interest wasn’tmtn_app_challenge piqued at all. I was still caught up in my own world thinking I’ll continue creating my apps and that would be enough for me. Yesterday, another colleague called my attention to it and trust my sharp mouth, I blurted out how I knew about it and how I was better off running my own show, then she mentioned the monetary reward. That shut me up and made me pause.


In this my broke era, anything money – provided it isn’t blood money – looks inviting. So for the first time I got off my high horse and listened. After a critical look at all the rules, regulations and what it takes to qualify, I concluded that the biggest challenge would probably be getting the highest downloads at the end of the day. A strategy to get a lot of downloads would be a welcome idea. Here are some of the tactics I have used for my previous apps and you can bet I’ll be using it again for this competition. The results get me from about 500 – 20,000 downloads. This is over a period of about 6 months, so watch and learn read and copy.

1. Create a landing page:  There is some work that needs to be done prior to the creation of the app. It is important to get people educated and eager to grab whatever you have for them. In view of getting a lot of downloads on the launch date, the first thing to do is to create a landing page. I like to call it a prelaunch page. On there, you outline the benefits of the app to users. If you can work with reverse psychology and outline the user problems and how the app combats it, great. Remember to have picture snippets of the app and an opt-in. The goal is to collect visitors’ names and email, so you can inform them the minute the app is published.


2. Pay attention to your Keywords: Now while the landing page is creating some buzz for you on cyber space, you need to take a closer look at the goal of the app. In all the major app stores, there is a portion called description. There you are required to write intricate details about the app. Keywords play a great deal here. The type of words and phrases you use here determine if you appear at the top of the app store page or at the bottom of the ladder. Let’s not forget the app name as well. A good tool to use to determine keywords that are hot searches right now is the Google keyword tool, but don’t forget to set it for mobile devices.

3. In App ads: The last I checked, MTN has no rule against paid ads. It will be more productive to focus on mobile ads. All you need to do is find apps that will allow your ads go through them send your ads through there. You start by signing up with AdMob, design a captivating mobile banner that gives the juice on your app and in exchange for a couple of Naira, and put up your ad. If you want to go the free way, then you will need to do a lot of Social Media sharing and dropping your app links in groups and forums.


If there is a suggestion I left off, then it’s because I want the upper advantage. You don’t need to ask; I’m sure as hell going to try out for the competition. A million naira and a Hyundai Car looks super inviting to my dilapidating bank account.

Let’s see who get the most downloads…on your marks, get set, ready?

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