How to get free airtime on PayWithCapture

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PayWithCapture is a mobile app that lets you make payments without cash or your bank card. After signing up and setting up your account on the app, you can make payments by scanning a QR code at checkout or at the cashier’s counter, and the purchase amount is deducted from your bank account.


Use This Code
When you sign up, you will get 500 points which can be used for airtime top-up if you use this referral code: ERI0O7. Note that I is letter I; 0 is number zero, while O is letter O.

Better still, just copy the code directly off this page and paste in when asked for your referral code during sign-up on the app.

Download PayWithCapture:

Don’t forget the referral code when you signup on the app: ERI0O7.


  1. it really doesn’t, works the same way Apple/Samsung/Android Pay work except it offers QR scans in addition to NFC and back compatibility with legacy payment platforms

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