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How to improve battery life on your Android device

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Sometimes, it can be annoying to see your battery juice drain in no time. You may be wondering why you have to plug your Android smartphone to the power socket several times a day. Here are a few tips to help your battery last longer. Some of them are very obvious and common but many of us still make the mistakes and then blame Android for our mistakes [Of course, Android is to be blamed for being highly resource inefficient, otherwise users wouldn’t need these workarounds so much – Editor].

Follow these tips:

  • Turn off Bluetooth when you’re not using it: After transferring a file via Bluetooth, it is very easy to forget to switch it off. Ensure you turn it off immediately so as to improve your battery life.
  • Use a shorter screen timeout: I made this mistake when I was a newbie to the Android OS. For about two months, my screen timeout was on “Never”, which means that the screen doesn’t timeout at all. Most times, I leave it running for hours before I remember that my screen is still on. Now I use 30 seconds. To change your Screen timeout settings, go to Settings, Select Display, Then Select “Screen timeout” and select the time frame you are okay with.
  • Reduce your screen brightness: Screen brightness can be a very good power hog if not appropriately used. Ensure that you keep your screen brightness moderate. Most Android devices I have been able to lay my hands on still have great display even when the brightness is reduced drastically (especially while indoors). Most times, we find ourselves increasing the screen brightness outdoor and then forget to reduce it when we’re back indoor. This will drain your battery juice in no time. To reduce your screen brightness, Select “Display” in Settings; and then Select “Brightness”.
  • Reduce Widgets: Most widgets on your device have adverse effects on your battery. It is usually a good practice to use only the most important widgets. Never be tempted to add so many widgets at a time; it drains your battery and also has a negative impact on the speed of your device.
  • Turn off Wifi when unused: On my tablet, Wifi consumes my battery a lot, especially when I forget to switch it off. It is good practice to keep your Wifi off when you do not need it.
  • Monitor your apps: One feature I love Android for is the user’s ability to check out for the device’s battery usage. You can check out for which app has been drinking your juice. Once you discover the “nasty” juice drinking app or native android feature; you can then decide to use such app less often. Go to “Settings”, select “About device/phone”. Select “battery use”.

I have personally increased my battery life a little bit by implementing the above tips. There are many other battery saving tips that are device specific. How else have you been increasing or saving your battery juice on your device?

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  2. There are two dealbreakers for me – on any mobile device. Data Gluttony (Hello – Android!). Then, Power InEfficiency.

    I employ third party apps (on Symbian) to ensure that my Nokia 5800 battery lasts through most of the day.

    Jbak TaskMan allows me attach a brightness level to every single appear (thirdparty / inbuilt) on the phone. For instance, I can set my ‘Home Sreen’ to 50% brightness (so I can see when outdoors). I can set by Uc Mobile webBrowser to 15% (I usually use this indoors), e.t.c

    There is also DzSoft LightBar. You drag down from the top of your screen and you are able to adjust your screen brightness. This works from inside ANY application.

    I believe there is also a Symbian app that automatically turns off your Bluetooth after a period. Can not remember the name now.

    Folks on Symbian may also check out Ravensoft Battery Extender. It is quite efficient at managing battery power.

  3. You could also turn off vibration, reduce ringing volume, eschew using voice command (SIRI – will not see widespread use until battery tech really improves), turn off all unnecessary sound,

    I additionally use a Symbian app that automatically turns off my Nokia @ a preset time (so i do not wake up to a flat battery). I them use ZDclock to wake me (and the phone!) @ 5.30 am.

    Avoid using 3G, if you can, avoid Bluetooth whenever a usb cable is available, use black and white themes.

    Following all the things by the poster
    MY article, as well ass my own list, battery run_out is not one of the problems on my Nokia 5800, even after close to two years on the original battery that it came with..
    My two cents!

  4. set your online connections to hibernate when not active for say 180-300 device has a power saving profile,which am on.extends my battery life for additional 5-6 hours.i put of my phone for 10-20mins after running heavy operations.when i power on again i gain a bar that translate to an hour more.
    highly interactive topic.shukran!

  5. Hello, I’v been following your blogs and u seem like an Android expert. I use a Samsung Galaxy 5. And recently, it keeps getting hot,i mean very hot, and it drains my battery within minutes. I took it for repairs only to be told that my battery is faulty. I bought a new battery and nothing has changed. My cell standby shows 52%, and my display shows 43%. I dont know if u have ever come across anyone with a similar problem. Help me out please. Thank you.

  6. I’m not an expert but you can try resetting your phone to its original factory setting. Remember you will lose every downloaded application and updates on preinstalled applications, so try backing up everything you will not want to lose it before doing this.

    Press the physical home button to take you to your home screen. Press the menu button, tap Settings and tap privacy, then tap Factory data reset then finally tap reset phone.

    If problem continues after this, then it is a hardware malfunction.

  7. Brother I love your write up. When I bought my first android device-HTC Desire, I was disturbed slightly about the battery drain so I also applied the options you highlighted above. Over time I bought two chargers. One for my office and one for my house. Ever since then I am no longer disturbed about battery consumption. I charge my Tab and Desire twice a day. Cumbersome yes. Is this the best solution. No. But with the benefits I am enjoying from the android world, I can live with that.

  8. Saintmoha,

    Take a look at your settings for the following:

    – wifi. Ensure its turned off
    – screen brightness. Lower the brightness
    – home screens. Remove those that you don’t use. If possible, stick with just one
    – 3G connection. If your networks’s 3G connection is poor and your phone is set to use that, it will use up more power trying to maintain that connection. Switch to 2G only

    Just a few other areas I know could be contributing to the issues you have.

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