Fix: AppWorld not working on Blackberry 9300 3G

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A member of the Mobility Nigeria team recently got a Blackberry 99300 3G Curve. Tried as we did, we could not find the Blackberry AppWorld icon on the device. To make matters worse, whenever we attempted to download and install AppWorld on the 9300, we got the error, “device not supported“.

Blackberry 9300 3G appworld not working Blackberry 9790

Eventually, we simply concluded that some Blackberry devices do not support the Blackberry AppWorld application – the 9300 3G Curve being a case in point.

However, a follower on Twitter,@cafeduluv, sent in the following tip:

@mobilityblog I’ve finally figured out how to install app world on 9300. You need to uninstall AppWorld 1.0 (which doesn’t show on your homescreen) by going to Option – Applications – select “Addon” from dropdown list. You’ll see a list of all addons, including AppWorld. Delete/uninstall it, then reboot.

Did the tip work? Yes; it did. In a couple of minutes, we had AppWorld installed and running on our 9300 3G Curve. Of course, we decided to share.

Basically, delete the older, installed version and install a newer version in its place. If you have a Blackberry device and are unable to find or install AppWorld on it, just follow this very tip.

Hat tip to: @cafedeluv


  1. Rather unintuitive of RIM, I would say!

    An app is installed but it is not easily apparent. Occasionally happens on Symbian too.
    Installing a new version of am aop should should simply overwrite the former version (after confirming this from thee user). Basic procedure!

    It is little useable issues like this that distinguish great OSes/software – from a moribund one!

  2. A friend of mine bought this phone recently and she brought it to me for pimp up.

    one of the apps i installed on the phone was the blackberry app world.
    I didn’t have any issues i just went to entered the email address and the download link was sent via email.

    I clicked on it and the app was installed.

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